25+ Airbnb Toiletries That Are Important for Guests

When you’re staying at someone’s house, there are some things that you just can’t live without. Whether you need soap for the shower or a toothbrush to brush your teeth,…

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When you’re staying at someone’s house, there are some things that you just can’t live without. Whether you need soap for the shower or a toothbrush to brush your teeth, it’s important to have what you need on hand when staying in an Airbnb.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of 25+ Airbnb toiletries that are most important for guests – so that everyone has everything they need during their stay and doesn’t forget anything at home!

The entire goal of hosting on Airbnb is to make money, and the more guests you get, the more money you’ll make. However, convincing guests to reserve and stay at your listing is only half the battle; you also want them to have a great, five-star experience once they’re there.

The Airbnb toiletries that are most important for guests include everyday items like soap, shampoo, toothpaste, disposable razors, and other similar things. Guests also enjoy less common items like stain removers, disinfectant spray and wipes, hand sanitizer, and unopened toothbrushes.

In this article, we’ll let you know the types of toiletries guests really want to find in their Airbnb rentals.

We’ll also talk about some of the other non-bathroom amenities guests appreciate. Hopefully, you can use this guide to stock your property with everything your guests could need.

The 5 Basic Toiletries Every Airbnb Guest Wants

Depending on how much guests are paying for their stays at specific listings or hotel rooms, they may or may not expect certain luxury items to be included.

You don’t necessarily have to provide things like makeup removal wipes, but you should at least have basic toiletries like soap and towels available.

Some Airbnb guests will want to take their own personal toiletries along with them on a vacation rental stay in lieu of what is provided by you.

However, there are five items you should always include in the bathroom of any hotel or rental property.

The top Airbnb toiletries to include are:

  • Bar soap
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Body wash
  • Lotion

Plenty of people are picky about their deodorants, toothpaste, and after-shave brands, so it’s not a huge surprise to people when those items aren’t included in their rental bathrooms.

However, If they walk in and don’t see those five everyday items, it can be disconcerting and even prompt a lowered star rating.

These items are so common in rental properties and hotel rooms that companies sell kits specifically designed for this purpose.

Our top three favorite kits for stocking our properties include the following:

If you’re looking to stock the bathrooms of some of your higher-end, luxury properties, you might want to invest a bit of extra money in supplying the bathroom with well-known brands that guests will appreciate more.

In these cases, you may have to buy cases of single, travel-size products and create your own toiletry kits.

For example, you could combine one of the TRESemme Moisture Rich Shampoo & Conditioner sets with Olay Ultra Moisture Body Wash, an Olay Moisture Shea Butter Beauty Bar, and a tube of Olay Ultra Moisture Lotion with Shea Butter.

This strategy will, of course, cost more, but if your rental properties cost several hundred dollars a night, it’s probably worth it for your reputation.

Furthermore, don’t forget to supply enough for the guests’ entire stay at the property. A guest who’s rented your Airbnb listing for two weeks will need more toiletries than someone staying the weekend.

5 Relatively Common Toiletries for Airbnb Guests

In some ways, you can break down Airbnb toiletries into categories.

We’ve already talked about the five must-stock items, but now let’s look at five more. These aren’t always provided for guests, but they’re included often enough that no one really considers them “extras” or “special” anymore.

These items are:

  • Toothpaste
  • Mouthwash
  • Disposable razors & shaving cream
  • Q-tips
  • Shower caps

These items are more things that people regularly use but don’t always expect to see in their rental properties. If you want to make sure you cover all the basics for the people who stay with you, try to provide all ten of the above-listed items at a minimum.

While we’re on the subject of essentials, let’s look at a few other non-toiletry things you should always have in your bathrooms, as well.

Non-Toiletry Bathroom Essentials for Airbnb Guests

Having everything your guests might need in the bathrooms of your rental properties means more than just having a few toiletries they might have forgotten at home.

You should always have all the big bathroom essentials. These non-toiletry bathroom essentials include:

  • Washcloths
  • Towels
  • Plenty of toilet paper (not just one or two rolls!)
  • Paper towels
  • Hand towels
  • Hand soap for the sink
  • A hair dryer
  • Good-quality shower rings
  • An opaque shower curtain*
  • Bath mats/rugs
  • Anti-slip mats in the showers**

In fact, some of these items make our list of the most important Airbnb amenities every host should provide, which you should also check out.

*Unless you specifically marketed your rental property as “a romantic getaway for two” or something similar, you’ll want to have opaque shower curtains in your bathrooms, especially if you only have a single one.

Families who vacation together sometimes have to share the bathroom to get ready on time. This could mean the child is taking a shower while the mom is doing her hair at the sink. It’s always more comfortable for everyone if they can’t see through the shower curtains in cases like these.

**Anti-slip mats in the showers are just as much for your safety as your guests. They’ll cut down on the risk of falls and injuries, which cuts down on the likelihood of any liability or legal trouble for you.

If this is a concern for you, check out our post on the best insurance providers for Airbnb’s.

Other Non-Toiletry Items You Might Want To Include

When hosts pay attention to the little things, it can make a big difference for your reviews and repeat bookings.

If you’re looking for ways to impress your guests and hopefully gain more positive reviews, there are a few other things you can have in the bathroom that guests love.

These other non-toiletry items include:

  • Lighted vanity mirrors
  • Curling iron
  • Hair straightener
  • Electric razor
  • Complimentary slippers
  • Complimentary on-site robe
  • Kleenex or tissue
  • Extra lights (nightlights, POWMEE Toilet Night Lights, etc.)
  • Extra hooks
  • Clothes drying rack

Many of these extras are relatively inexpensive and can be a great way to take your bathroom to the next level for your Airbnb guests. Heck, you may even want to stay in your own unit too!

Now, let’s get back to the toiletries that Airbnb guests want to see.

Additional Toiletries for Your Airbnb Guests

If you’ve provided all the non-toiletry essentials and the ten toiletries listed above, you’ve pretty much covered all your basics.

However, if you’re hoping for more five-star reviews to reach Superhost status, you need to do more.

There are ways to impress your guests in every room of the house, but providing some of the most wanted but lesser-known toiletries for them is a great way to start.

Here are some of the more rarely included toiletries that guests wish their Airbnb hosts would provide:

First Aid Kits

Many people probably wouldn’t consider a first aid kit a toiletry, but we all know what happens when you accidentally injure yourself. Your first stop is to the bathroom and under the sink to hunt for some band-aids and a little peroxide.

When you have one stocked away in every bathroom (as well as bedrooms), guests can feel confident that they will be able to treat any potential injury on their own.

Accidents happen all the time, especially for people traveling with their families. Husbands and children seem to be magnets for scrapes and bruises.

When they’re at home, it’s easy to find a Band-aid or some rash cream to deal with whatever issue is happening, but not everyone remembers to pack that kind of stuff when they go on vacation or are traveling for business.

Hopefully, your guests won’t need one, but having a first aid kit available for them if they do will make them very appreciative.

There are plenty of pre-made first aid kits available on Amazon, such as the Johnson & Johnson Portable Compact First Aid Kit or the Swiss Safe 2-in-1 First Aid Kit. If you prefer, however, you can make your own.

This video showcases some of the best things you can add to an all-purpose first aid kit:

Your kit doesn’t have to be quite so comprehensive. Neosporin, Band-aids, gauze – basic things are usually enough to cover a guest’s needs. If you want to prepare for any occasion, though, that video is a great guide.

Makeup Remover

If you’ve ever had a guest ruin a set of towels because they used it to remove their make up, this will be a lifesaver.

Makeup remover is another excellent toiletry that not a lot of hosts provide.

There are all kinds of inexpensive makeup removers on the market, and providing your guests with simple facial cleansing wipes is more than a lot of hosts do.

To add a bit of intentionality to your property, you can use these dedicated makeup washcloths from Amazon.

Bonus: If you really want to wow your female guests, provide them with a small tube of high-quality facial moisturizer, as well. We recommend Olay Regenerist Face Moisturizer.

Romantic or Stress-Relieving Bath Sets

If your property has a nice clawfoot bathtub that you’ve hyped up on your Airbnb listing, you might also consider providing the toiletries needed for one nice, calm, or romantic bath night for your guests.

If you buy the items in bulk and refill them after each guest, it shouldn’t even be all that expensive.

Here are some things you might want to include:

  • Candles or a diffuser
  • Bath salts
  • Bath beads
  • Bubble bath
  • Bath soak with flower petals
  • Bath bombs
  • Essential oils
  • A bath pillow
  • A bath caddy (our favorite is the ROYAL CRAFT WOOD Bathtub Caddy Tray)

If you’re a craft person, and especially if it fits with the theme of your property, you may want to make homemade bath essentials instead.


You’d be amazed at the number of people who go on vacation and don’t bring toothbrushes along. Some people forget them, we’re sure.

But it seems like others prefer to purchase a new one once they arrive and trash it when they leave than to go through the hassle of bringing along their own.

Save your guests a few dollars – and the embarrassment of bad breath – by supplying them with still-packaged toothbrushes.

Just leave them in their original package, though. No one wants to use a toothbrush, even a new toothbrush, that’s out of the box at someone else’s house.

Luckily, individually wrapped toothbrushes are something else you can buy in bulk on Amazon. EcoFox 50 Pack Toothbrushes are brightly colored toothbrushes that are perfect for supplying to your guests.

Lint Rollers

Lint rollers may seem like a weird toiletry item for an Airbnb, but if you’ve ever been in a pinch and needed to clean up your outfit on the way out of the door, you’ll know how useful they are.

And they’re not something that people usually think to pack.

Whether people are traveling for business or pleasure, there’s generally at least one event that requires them to dress nicely and look their best. Having at least one lint roller on hand can ensure they turn up with no cat hairs or stray fuzz.

A Designated Surface for Toiletries

This one is one people don’t think about often, but it’s always nice to provide your guests with somewhere to put their toiletries. It can be a basket they can carry back and forth between the bedroom and the bathroom or a shallow dish or shelf. Just give them somewhere specific to put their things while they’re staying at your property.

Feminine Hygiene Products

Although you don’t have to buy a ton of tampons or other sanitary items and stock them in prominent areas, it’s nice if you have at least a single box of tampons stored in the bathroom closet or underneath the sink.

Most women are always prepared. However, there are few things worse than being in an unfamiliar area and finding yourself without the sanitary items you need, when you need them.

That’s why it’s nice to have a spare box tucked away for guests who find themselves in need.

Bath Toys

Again, these aren’t precisely “toiletries,” but they do belong in the bathroom, so we wanted to add them in as well.

Particularly if you market your property as being “family-friendly” or “kid-approved,” then back up those claims by having enough stuff for the kiddos in multiple rooms of the house, not just the playroom.

Bath toys don’t cost much. All you need are a few rubber ducky toys and some little ships, maybe some bath chalk.

It’ll cost you practically nothing, but it’ll keep the kids busy for quite some time, and the parents will be grateful to you for thinking of it.

Hand Sanitizer & Disinfectant

Since COVID, you can’t have enough hand sanitizer and disinfectant, whether it’s in aerosol or wipe form, and that’s a trend that probably isn’t going to go anywhere.

People had a scare in 2020, and since then, they’ve liked staying clean, healthy, and sanitized. Provide plenty of these items not just in the bathroom but all over the house.

It will also help reinforce the idea that your place is clean and safe.

Stain Removers

Again, this is something that everyone needs at some point, but most people don’t think about packing it in their luggage.

You’re also going to want to stock this in your property for the times your guests ruin a set of sheets or towels.

You don’t have to invest in anything super expensive, and you don’t even have to supply your guests with more than one package of the stuff. It’s just a nice gesture that guests tend to appreciate.

The Odds and Ends

There are all kinds of small odds and ends that usually don’t come with rental properties or hotel rooms, which can actually be a great opportunity to stand out.

You can buy these things in bulk for very little, and many of them even come individually wrapped. These are small, inexpensive things that people sometimes run off and forget and usually have to buy at a nearby store.

Some of these things include:

These are small things that can make a significant impact on guests who aren’t expecting them, especially if they’re new to Airbnb.

The Rest of the House

If you want to make a great impression on your guests, you can’t just stop at filling the bathroom with useful things.

Make sure you have small amenities scattered around the rest of the house, as well.

This article mainly focuses on bathroom toiletries, but we didn’t want to leave without giving you a few tips for the house’s other rooms. Definitely check out our list of important amenities for a more in-depth look.


Make sure you have plenty of extra pillows and blankets in your bedrooms. Not everyone enjoys sleeping in the cold (or the heat), so having a variety of extra linens so that your guests can sleep in comfort is always advisable.

Having fans is also a good idea—some people like the excess air, and others like them just for the noise and if you live in a humid area they will save your reviews.

Other things you may want to have in the bedrooms include:

  • Phone and device chargers
  • Stationary
  • Reading material
  • Air freshener
  • Alarm clock
  • Plenty of clothes hangers
  • Kleenex
  • Iron and ironing board
  • More lint rollers

All of these small touches should impress your guests.


Having a fully stocked kitchen is great, but most Airbnb guests don’t expect it from their hosts.

They do, however, expect them to have all the essential appliances, including:

  • Stove
  • Microwave
  • Kitchen sink
  • Fridge
  • Coffee maker or Keurig
  • Blender
  • Oven (or toaster oven)

Additionally, make sure you have a complete set of dinnerware, glasses, and flatware. We have a more in-depth article on the best dish sets to provide.

Other things you’ll want to have are easily accessible cleaning supplies, dishcloths, dish towels, paper towels, and essential small/handheld appliances, like can openers.

It’s also nice to provide guests with instructions on using any of your appliances, especially if they’re not things everyone has, like a Keurig machine or a dishwasher.

Finally, have good knives.

There’s no objective evidence to suggest people will give you a better rating for having a good knife set, but it’s a pet peeve of ours. There’s nothing worse than trying to cut steak with a dull knife.

Living Room

Any electronics you add to the living room are bound to make it more exciting for your guests. Televisions, record players, game systems, and Blu Ray players are always a safe bet.

Having some low-key entertainment, such as card games and board games (check out our article on the best games for every group), is also a good idea.

Other things you may want to have in the living room include:

  • Throws
  • Throw pillows
  • Coasters
  • Candles or air fresheners
  • Phone and device chargers
  • Kleenex
  • Decorative items

Making sure everything is nice and clean is also smart.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to picking things for your rental properties, stick to the golden rule: If you’d love to have it in a hotel you’re visiting, guests would probably enjoy it too.

Many of the above-listed items are suggestions only, but they’re excellent suggestions that could lead to better guest ratings.

Whatever you do, don’t forget the five essential toiletries that every guest will appreciate.

Make sure to fill your bathroom with plenty of towels, washcloths, and toilet paper. Your bedrooms should also have extra pillows and linens. Cover all your required bases and throw in a few extras, and you should be fine.

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