7 Best Towels for Airbnb Hosting (2022 Review)

Opening up your property to Airbnb guests can be a rewarding experience, but you’ll want to outfit your space and prepare for guests. Especially messy ones. If you don’t have…

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Opening up your property to Airbnb guests can be a rewarding experience, but you’ll want to outfit your space and prepare for guests.

Especially messy ones.

If you don’t have plenty of clean towels, or towels that can tolerate abuse, now is the time to change that. Still, choosing the best materials for your space can be challenging, especially when picking the right bath, hand, and dish towels.

The best towels for Airbnb hosting are soft, absorbent, easily washable, and affordable. The Luzia Turkish Cotton Towel Set is one of your best options. Other options include Great Bay Home Bath Towel Set, AmazonBasics Fade-Resistant Cotton Bath Towel Set, and White Classic Bath Towel Set.

In this article, we’ll be discussing what you’ll need to consider before buying new towels. We’ll also reveal our top picks for the best towels for Airbnb hosting. Using this information, you could make the most educated purchasing decision when outfitting your property with new towels.

Best Overall: Luzia Premium Turkish Cotton Bath Towels

If you’re in the market for bath towels, then this set of cloud-soft linens is bound to bring a smile to your face. Eight traditional hotel-quality towels come in each grouping for a complete set, and you can choose from seven colors, including a brilliant white and navy blue.

Each towel is made of 100% Turkish cotton, adding a certain amount of luxury to this set. These towels are heavy enough to dry bathers after a long shower or relaxing bath and light enough to not feel overwhelming. When you drape one of these bath towels across your skin, it feels like being transported to a spa.

A fantastic experience for your guests!

It’s challenging to find a softer, more absorbent, higher-quality set of bath towels than these. It’s equally tricky to find a more affordable collection of imported cotton towels. You may want to go ahead and snap these up before they disappear into the cloud-like matter from which they came.

Bottom Line: This is a set of eight affordable, hotel-style, spa-quality bath towels that are bound to impress guests. They’re easy to keep clean with quick machine washing.


  • An eight-piece set: When you order only one towel, you’re losing out on bulk savings, but when you get a set, you can be sure that you’re getting your money’s worth.
  • Made of soft, thick cotton: Some towels are made of 100% cotton, but they feel as thin as a cardboard slat. These towels are thick, fluffy, and ready to keep guests comfy.
  • Exceptional absorbency: Getting dry after a shower or bath has never been easier than with these towels. The thick cotton construction seems to vacuum away water.
  • Plenty of color options: If solid white towels seem too plain and run-of-the-mill, you could choose one of the more exciting color options, like ‘Coral’ or ‘Latte.’


Can become an expensive option: If you’re managing a handful of Airbnb properties, or just one, you’ll likely be able to afford these bath towels. However, if you’re hoping to supply several dozen locations, this set can quickly get pricey.

Product Specifications

Size60in x 30in
Material100% Turkish Cotton
ColorWhite, Ivory, Lavender, Coral, Latte, Glacier Green, Navy Blue
Quantity2 Bath towels, 2 Hand towels, 4 Washcloths
ShopLuzia Store

Best Value: AmazonBasics 6-Piece Fade-Resistant Cotton Bath Towel Set

Sometimes you just need a good selection of towel types at an affordable price, and when that happens, Amazon has you covered. Their brand name six-piece set of towels includes two bath towels, two hand towels, and two washcloths.

This selection allows Airbnb hosts to outfit each of their property’s bathrooms with one unique set of towels. While you’ll still need to procure dish towels for any kitchen or kitchenettes present, opting for this towel collection could save you a lot of time and energy.

Available in seven colors, you could opt for a traditional white hue for your new towels, or you could choose something slightly flashier, like teal. The 100% cotton structure can withstand plenty of laundry cycles and is resistant to stains and fading.

Still, these towels aren’t the most absorbent ones you’ll find. They can be somewhat light and flimsy, which can make them easier to wash and dry. However, it also makes them less effective at drying guests, which can be a problem if you market your Airbnb as a luxury property.

Bottom Line: When you need several sets of budget-friendly bathroom towels, this set can keep your guests dry without causing your wallet to follow suit.


  • A budget-friendly towel collection: Purchasing a supply of bath linens for your properties can be expensive, but this towel set helps alleviate some of that financial burden.
  • Includes two of every towel type: The majority of hotel bathrooms contain pairs of towels. This practice ensures that both couples and single inhabitants have plenty of bathroom linens. This towel set includes the perfect amount of towels for any Airbnb bathroom, making property set-up a breeze.
  • Easy to maintain: Not only are these towels machine washable, but they’re also all the same color. This similarity may help you keep track of your towels while also helping you maintain their condition. If you buy one set from each potential color and find loose threads in your dryer, you can quickly identify which towels are falling apart by the threads’ color.


  • Thin cotton: The cotton material used for these towels is relatively light. Guests may need to work hard to dry themselves with these towels.
  • Not a ton of color choices: Most towel sets come in a wide variety of styles and colors, but this collection comes in a limited selection of colors, which can be disappointing.

Product Specifications

Size54in x 30in (137.2cm x 76.2cm) (Bath Towels)26in x 16in (66cm x 40.6cm) (Hand Towels)12in x 12in (30.5cm x 30.5cm) (Washcloths)
Material100% Cotton
ColorAcorn, Black, Crimson, Grey, Navy, Teal, White
Quantity6-Piece Set (2 Bath Towels, 2 Hand Towels, 2 Washcloths)

Best Towel Set: White Classic Bath Towel Set

When it comes to investing in the best towel set, you’ll need to choose a collection that contains bath towels, hand towels, and washcloths. You’ll also want to ensure that your selected towels feature durable, high-quality materials.

It’s also an excellent idea to choose towels that are soft, easy to clean, and available in a rainbow of colors. Are you picturing this perfect towel set? You don’t have to. White Classic provides this dreamy eight-piece set of 100% combed cotton bath towels.

Though the cotton fabric used for these towels isn’t quite as plush as comparable options, it is insanely soft and absorbent. This is partially due to a smart design and partly thanks to the shiny, smooth Egyptian cotton.

Though these towels are only available in seven color options, one of these options is a patterned one, which is a relatively unique feature. Guests seeking a standard hotel-quality towel set will be pleased to see these towels in their Airbnb rental.

Bottom Line: The classic set of white hotel-room towels has yet to disappoint, and this set exemplifies all of the best qualities of a full, soft towel set.


  • Eight towels in one set: The only kinds of towels missing from this collection are dish towels. That’s quite a feat.
  • Classic hotel design and look: Some properties look and feel like a lived-in home, while others have a far more professional vibe. If you’re looking to make your Airbnb property more like a traditional hotel, this towel set is bound to help. It includes everything found in a classic hotel’s bathroom linen closet.
  • Fast-drying towels: Though they’re far thicker than many quick-dry bath towels, these manage to dry within an hour or so of use, which is important for having a fast turnover.


  • Not much variety: With only seven colorations from which to choose, these bath towels can be challenging to integrate into colorful properties.
  • Could be plusher: Some of the most sumptuous bath towels feel thick enough to sink into. These are medium-thick, making them more absorbent than flatter towels but not as cushiony and comfortable as plusher, spa-like towels.

Product Specifications

Size27in x 54in (68.6cm x 137.2cm) (Bath Towels) 16in x 30in (40.6cm x 76.2cm) (Hand Towels)13in x 13in (33cm x 33cm) (Washcloths)
Material100% Cotton
ColorBlack, White, Pink, Green, Grey, Navy Blue, Grey & White
Quantity8-Piece Set (2 Bath Towels, 2 Hand Towels, 4 Washcloths)

Best Bath Towels: Great Bay Home Bath Towel Set

Fluffy, plush towels can generate tons of lint and threads, two things that are notably difficult to remove from laundered linens. The Great Bay Home Bath Towel Set consists of four popcorn-weave bath towels that don’t shed threading wherever they go.

Instead, these soft-to-the-touch retain their shape and style long after the third, fourth, or fifth wash. These towels absorb lots of water, as all good bath towels should. You might not expect them to be so effective at drying bathers, primarily due to their thin width.

They’re just as good at drying as they are drying out. Thanks to a mesh-like design, water evaporates quickly from these towels, minimizing mold and mildew concerns. Though these towels sport a slightly rougher texture than plusher options, they remain remarkably soft.

The only obvious downside to this bath towel set is the price. If you’re managing a single property or a few rental spaces, the price may not be an issue. However, hosts with many properties may not be able to afford several sets of these towels.

Bottom Line: These bath towels dry quickly, are soft to the touch, and exquisitely durable.


  • Dries in minutes: Thanks to the mesh-like design of these bath towels, they’re resistant to prolonged moisture. This feature adds to the hypoallergenic quality of the cotton material, preventing mold and mildew build-up.
  • Blanket-soft texture: Though these towels may not have long cotton threads like some of the plusher varieties, it’s still soft enough to soothe sensitive skin.
  • Extra-strength design: The unique popcorn weave of these bath towels helps them avoid damage during machine washing and drying. As such, these towels may produce fewer loose threads than other types of bath linens.


  • Can be expensive: At more than $10 per towel, you may end up spending way more than you initially bargained for, especially if you’re outfitting multiple properties.
  • Limited color options: Out of all the towels featured here, these have the least amount of color options, with a total of six potential hues.

Product Specifications

Size30in x 52in (76.2cm x 132.1cm)
Material100% Cotton
ColorDark Grey, Light Grey, Lilac, Mineral Blue, Optic White, Sterling Blue

Best Hand Towels: Smyrna Original Turkish Hand Towels

Are you tired of boring hand towels? Your guests might be. However, if you spice things up with the Smyrna Original Turkish Hand Towels, you can make a long-lasting (and positive) impression on every guest that washes their hands.

Not only is this two-pack of hand towels a unique find, but it’s also an extravagant one. Rather than guests wiping their hands on paper towels or thin dish linens, they could dry their hands with some of the softest, smoothest, and most durable cotton fibers on earth.

With more than a dozen color options from which to choose, hosts are bound to find a hue that matches their current decor. The only trouble is being able to afford enough hand towels for each property.

After all, each pack only contains two hand towels, which could equate to costly and time-consuming shopping. Airbnb hosts with a laundry list of properties may be better off buying simpler hand towels in bulk quantities.

Bottom Line: When you want your property’s hand towels to make an unforgettably positive impression, you choose these Turkish cotton towels.


  • So many patterns and colors: You won’t be able to tire of the many colors and patterns available within this set. These hand towels go with any and every color scheme.
  • High-quality cotton construction: It is challenging for standard cotton products to outshine Turkish cotton textiles. The strength and softness of imported Turkish cotton is an experience unto itself.
  • Unique choice: Many Airbnb properties feature the same low-cost furniture, appliances, and linens which attract equally cheap, low-quality guests. Making your rental space stand out among the crowd is crucial to becoming a successful host. These hand towels are unique, ensuring that guests remember your property and its fabulous decor, and they take fantastic pictures!


  • A bit pricey: These hand towels are works of art, and they’re priced accordingly. They can add some class to your property, but at about $8 per towel, they’ll cost you a pretty penny.
  • May fray after washing: The delicate tassels at the bottoms of these towels add to their rustic charm and grace. However, they can easily fray during a machine wash, leaving your towels and your dryer looking a little worse for wear.

Product Specifications

Size16in x 40in (40.6cm x 101.6cm)
Material100% Organic Cotton
ColorBeige, Black, Blue, Dark Gray, Fuschia, Gray, Green, Latte, Light Blue, Navy, Orange, Petrol, Turquoise

Best Washcloths: Luxury Turkish Cotton Washcloths

Hard, thin washcloths don’t hold many suds, and they can be aggressively abrasive. The result is an uncomfortable, unpleasant bathing experience. Helping your guests avoid this issue begins with choosing the softest and thickest washcloths.

These cotton washcloths are gentle enough for sensitive skin. They are fluffy, ample, and wonderfully absorbent. Each collection comes with four washcloths, which is enough for a standard two-bathroom rental property.

Of course, if you’re attempting to supply multiple properties, this option could quickly become an expensive one. However, you’d be investing in top-notch Turkish cotton products. These towels could easily last for years, and they’re bound to become softer and more alluring over time.

Bottom Line: Washcloths should be soft, absorbent, and easy to wash, fulfilling all of those requirements.


  • Incredibly soft washcloth: Unless you’re trying to exfoliate, you’re not going to enjoy rubbing a coarse fabric across your bare flesh. These washcloths are surprisingly soft and plush, making for a soothing shower or relaxing bath.
  • Available in more than a dozen colors: While some towels are only available in a few hues or patterns, you can find these washcloths in more than a dozen shades. This variation makes it easy for hosts to match their new towels with their current color pattern.
  • Made of imported Turkish cotton: Cotton from Turkey tends to be slightly longer, softer, and more durable than cotton sourced in Chinese prison camps. When you purchase bath linens made with Turkish cotton, you’re investing in one of the highest-quality cotton products on the market.


  • Only four per pack: Hosts that own several properties may want to opt for a bulkier supply of washcloths, as each set only comes with four.
  • Can produce excess lint: If you’re not already separating your bed linens, kitchen fabrics, and bathroom linens, these washcloths may get you to start. Some buyers have commented on the amount of lint each cloth produces during the washing-drying process.

Product Specifications

Size13in x 13in (33cm x 33cm)
Material100% Turkish Cotton
ColorSky Blue, Navy Blue, Coral, Sage Green, Light Grey, Charcoal Gray, Coal Black, Lemon Yellow, Ocean Aqua, Sand Taupe, Snow White, Violet Purple

Best Dish Towels: Utopia 12-Pack Dish Towels

Whether you’re managing a handful of properties or several, you don’t want to be spending several hours picking out dish towels. With this pack of twelve, you can rest easy knowing that your properties are supplied with plenty of dish rags and drying towels.

Additionally, buying a large pack of a dozen identical cotton dish towels eliminates any confusion between properties. Some hosts prefer to color-code the linens for each estate, but this can be a tedious and time-consuming process. Uniform dish towels are more comfortable to track, clean, and resupply.

While these towels could be more absorbent, they’re stylish enough for many purposes, including table settings. They’re also soft enough to keep dishware and cookware scratch-free.

Available in three ribboned shades, organization-forward hosts can still manage some color-coding with these packs if they so desire. Each collection of twelve is incredibly affordable, making this product a great bulk buy for Airbnb hosts.

Bottom Line: Commercial-quality dish towels that are stylish, simple, and easy to clean. An excellent choice for all Airbnb hosts, no matter how many properties they manage.


  • Twelve towels per pack: Instead of buying dish towels in groups of two or four, you could save time by choosing this twelve-piece collection. The complementary colors and designs also work in your favor when buying bulk amounts.
  • Multipurpose design: You don’t have to use these towels for dishes only. You can also use them as decorative fabrics around the property, napkin settings, and just about anything else you can think of.
  • Durable design: While these towels’ cotton fabric isn’t incredibly thick, it is firmly woven. These dish towels aren’t likely to fall apart any time soon, making them a durable option and worthwhile investment.


  • Plain dish towels: Your kitschy property might not benefit from these plain, uniform dish towels. If you’re looking for something unique and eclectic, you may want to pick a different pack of towels.
  • Not very absorbent: Sadly, these dishtowels aren’t as useful for drying as they are for washing. Guests could lay their damp dishes on these towels and allow them to air dry, but that’s about it.

Product Specifications

Size13.5in x 7.9in x 0.2in (34.3cm x 20.1cm x 0.5cm)
Material100% Cotton
ColorBlue, Grey, Red

What to Consider When Buying Towels for Airbnb Hosting

Choosing the right towels for your Airbnb property requires some forethought and planning. Not only do you want them to match the color scheme and branding of your property, but you don’t want guests to have the impression that you’ve cheaped out.

In general, hosts will want to consider several aspects, including:

  • Type
  • Material
  • Size
  • Color
  • Price
  • Washability
  • Dryability
  • Durability
  • Absorbency

While this might seem like quite a lot of information to think about and weigh, you should make the utmost effort to supply your properties with high-quality, practical items. Your guests will naturally need towels for bathing, dishwashing, and handwashing activities.

You will also want to consider “sacrificial” towels for makeup removal, despite providing disposable makeup wipes.

Consequently, the very first thing that you’ll need to consider is towel type. Do you need a new set of bath towels, or are you outfitting your property with new dishwashing, handwashing, and bathing towels?


Though there are many types of towels, their primary purpose is consistent: absorb liquid and dry things off. However, a bath towel might be a cumbersome to use for kitchen spills, and a dishtowel is likely to be too small for drying off after a bath or swim.

You will need to determine what types of towels your guests will need and how many of each type they need for each property. Most single-bedroom lodgings with small bathrooms and kitchenettes will require at least two bath towels, two handwashing towels, two washcloths, and two dish towels per groups of two.

If you live by the ocean or have a swimming pool/hot tub, you will also want to provide beach towels that are durable and obviously set apart from the other types of towels.


Towels are made up of many materials. Cotton tends to be the most prevalent material, though some manufacturers incorporate synthetic fabrics as well. It’s crucial to understand what your towels are made of, as some materials can be abrasive, non-absorbent, or allergenic.

Textile dermatitis is when a specific type of fabric produces an allergic reaction, usually a topical one (meaning on the skin’s surface). It can happen when your guest comes into physical contact with any type of allergy-inducing fiber, though synthetic options tend to cause more allergies than natural ones.

Your guest may not disclose their various allergies when booking with you, though they may inquire as to the type of sheets and towels you use in your Airbnb.

This shyness can cause problems for both you and the guests. Rather than risking a lawsuit or on-property injury due to fabric allergies, you may want to choose hypoallergenic towels just in case.


Did you know that a bath towel and a bath sheet are two different items with two distinct sizes?

Me neither!

Have you also ever considered how challenging it would be to dry yourself off after a shower using only a hand towel?

When purchasing towels for your property, you’ll likely need to invest in several different types and sizes, and while you’re browsing for bath towels, it may be a smart idea to opt for the larger varieties. Some bath towels may be too short for taller guests.

Inclusion is crucial to your success as an Airbnb host, and you’ll want to do everything in your power to ensure that no guests feel excluded or offended by your property, as it will likely be reflected in your reviews.

Though it may surprise you, guest satisfaction may also rely on your color choices as well.


If your property has an eclectic personality and tons of loud colors, vibrant patterns, and exciting decorations, then you may want to opt for equally stunning and vivid towels that match your branding.

However, most guests will likely prefer traditional white towels for bathing, handwashing, and drying off.

Not only do classic white towels remind guests of luxury and opulence, but they’re also reminiscent of high-quality hotels and resorts. It’s challenging to hide stains or dirt with solid white fabric, which is another reason guests often prefer them.

For you as a host, this means lots of bleaching. But for your guests, towels and sheets that don’t have any visible stains is a sign of confidence that your property is clean and sanitary.

Still, if you’ve found the perfect-colored towels that match your bathroom’s decor and patterns, go for it. There’s something to be said for showing off your personality and fun quirks. Guests may find that your linens are a welcome departure from traditional white options.

Tip: but when it comes to makeup removal, not all guests will take advantage of your disposable makeup wipes and will opt to use a towel instead. For this reason, having “sacrificial” black wash cloths are a great way to contain the damage.


Styling a property and filling it with furniture, appliances, and linens can be an expensive endeavor. Additionally, towels and bed linens tend to have a shorter lifespan than other investments like furniture or electronics.

In fact, if your guests were anything like ours then you can expect to be washing stains after almost every booking and keeping spare sheets/towels on hand.

Consequently, you may want to choose affordable, budget-friendly towels for your property. Towels, even the most sumptuous varieties, shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. Be sure to keep your eye out for low-cost cotton towels that are easy to keep clean and you wont mind throwing away.


Some towels are easier to wash than others. Pre-shrunk cotton, for example, won’t miniaturize in warm water and high heat. However, cotton that hasn’t been pre-shrunk just might, leaving you with towels that are about 4x too small.

Additionally, while white towels might be guest-friendly, they’re not very stain-friendly. When guests accidentally spill colorful liquids onto the supplied white towels, you may need to either bleach or toss them.

Be prepared for this.

To keep things easy and manageable, you’ll want to ensure that your chosen towels are easy to wash and keep clean. Fortunately, most towels and towel sets are machine washable and receptive to store-bought detergents.

Still, you’ll likely need to replace your towels sooner or later. Sooner, if you don’t invest in durable fabrics.


This section is where things can get a little tricky. Generally, the hardiest types of fabrics are synthetic. Natural fibers can be sturdy and rigid, but they often can’t compare to densely woven nylon or polyester threads when it comes to overall durability.

Still, tightly-woven cotton fabrics with high thread counts make for close competition. If you’re determined to go all-natural, there’s a cotton option for you.

If you’d rather have a little back-up in the form of synthetic-natural blends, that’s great. Just be sure to pick a durable set of towels, or you’ll be shopping again very soon.


This is different than absorbency. While absorbency deals with how well the towels dry your guests, dryability deals with how well the towels get dry by themselves.

If you have an Airbnb property that gets a lot of same-day turnover between guests, your cleaning procedures are likely very tight and you can’t afford to have your laundry taking longer then it needs to.

Laundry is arguably one of the most time consuming cleaning tasks, and towels that take a long time in the dryer will inevitably cause issues with a quick turnaround. This is why it’s important to use towels and sheets that are fast drying.


Some people may use towels for decoration, but the towels on your property should fulfill a practical purpose. If they’re not absorbent enough, they’ll only be suitable for aesthetic purposes and your guests may struggle to bathe, cook, or clean up after themselves if they don’t have access to absorbent towels.

Be sure to choose towels that are just as functional as they are visually pleasing. Wool, bamboo fabric, and cotton are three excellent examples of absorbent materials commonly found in towels. However, you may want to shy away from all-natural wool as it can be quite itchy.

Final Thoughts

Finding the best towels for Airbnb hosting isn’t always a straightforward process. Hosts must consider the types of towels they need, the materials for those towels, and many other factors that will influence your guests experience.

We found that the Luxury Hotel & Spa Bath Towels were the best overall option, but we also discovered several other towels and towel sets. No matter whether you’re searching for washcloths or hand towels, there’s an ideal item for you.

Hopefully this guide has given you a great head start on finding those perfect towels for your Airbnb property, and inspire great reviews from your guests.

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