Best Airbnb Themes: Turn Your Rental into a Destination

Looking for the Best Airbnb Themes? Elevate your vacation rental with these creative theme ideas. From cozy cabins to beach houses, get inspired now.

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Are you an Airbnb host looking to make your rental property stand out from the competition?

Have you considered creating a themed Airbnb rental property? A themed Airbnb can not only create a unique and memorable experience for your guests, but it can also increase your bookings.

In this article, we’ll explore the best Airbnb themes and the benefits of having a themed rental property, discuss popular interior design trends and provide examples of themed Airbnb rentals that guests are going crazy over.

Choosing The Best Airbnb Themes

When it comes to creating a memorable Airbnb rental, choosing a theme is key. A well-executed theme can help set a rental property apart from the competition and provide guests with a unique and memorable experience. Here are some factors to consider when selecting a theme for your Airbnb rental:

Consideration of the location and surroundings of the rental property

The location of the rental property can play a significant role in selecting the right theme. For example, a beach house may be the perfect location for a coastal retreat theme, while a rental in Palm Springs could be a great fit for a mid-century modern theme. Think about the surroundings of the rental property and choose a theme that complements the local environment.

Identifying the ideal niche of guests to attract attention

Consider the niche of guests you want to attract to your rental property. For example, a family-friendly Disney theme could appeal to families with young children, while a sports-themed rental could attract sports fans. Identifying your ideal guest niche can help you choose a theme that will appeal to them and help your rental property stand out.

Budget considerations when selecting a theme

Budget is an important consideration when selecting a theme for your Airbnb rental. Some themes may require significant investment, such as a hobbit house or a Game of Thrones theme. Other themes, such as a minimalist or rustic glamping theme, may be more budget-friendly.

Consider your budget and choose a theme that aligns with your financial resources, because it can cost a fortune to make some changes once this train leaves the station.

To do this effectively, we believe the first step should be to get to know your target audience before spending any money on designs, which we talk cover in our FREE 5-Step Marketing Blueprint.

Popular Interior Design Trends

When it comes to decorating your themed Airbnb, there are popular interior design trends that you can incorporate. Boho chic is a style that combines comfort and elegance. It’s characterized by colorful textiles, natural materials, and vintage items.

Industrial style features exposed brick walls, metal furnishings, and rustic finishes. Farmhouse style is a cozy, country-inspired style that is characterized by warm, natural materials, and distressed finishes.

Beach house/coastal style includes nautical themes, neutral colors, and natural materials. Maximalism is a bold, eclectic style that combines different patterns, colors, and textures.

Boho Chic

Boho chic is a style that incorporates natural elements, such as plants and textiles, with vintage and eclectic décor. This style is perfect for Airbnb rentals located in bohemian neighborhoods, beach towns, or near outdoor attractions. Think colorful tapestries, macramé wall hangings, and wicker furniture.


Industrial design is a style that takes inspiration from factories and warehouses, incorporating raw materials such as exposed brick, metal, and concrete. This style is ideal for urban Airbnb rentals, especially those located in converted industrial buildings. Think metal light fixtures, leather furniture, and salvaged wood accents.


Farmhouse style is a design trend that incorporates rustic and vintage elements with modern comforts. This style is perfect for rural or suburban Airbnb rentals, especially those located in farmhouses or barns. Think shiplap walls, weathered wood furniture, and antique accents.

Beach House/Coastal

Beach house/coastal style is a design trend that takes inspiration from the sea, incorporating light and airy decor with nautical touches. This style is ideal for Airbnb rentals located near the ocean or other bodies of water. Think white and blue color schemes, sea-inspired art, and wicker furniture.


Maximalism is a design trend that embraces bold patterns, vibrant colors, and eclectic décor. This style is perfect for Airbnb rentals that want to create a memorable and unique experience for guests. Think oversized artwork, patterned wallpaper, and mixed prints and textures.

Incorporating these popular interior design trends into your Airbnb rental can make it stand out from the competition and create a unique experience for guests.


Minimalist interior design has been a popular trend in recent years, and it can be an excellent choice for an Airbnb rental property. A minimalist theme emphasizes simplicity, with a focus on clean lines, neutral colors, and the absence of clutter. This can create a calming and relaxing environment that allows guests to unwind and escape from the chaos of everyday life.

To create a minimalist Airbnb rental, it’s important to focus on a few key design elements. Start with a neutral color palette, such as whites, grays, and beige, and use textures to add visual interest. Incorporate natural materials, such as wood and stone, to bring warmth to the space. Keep furniture and décor simple, with clean lines and few embellishments.

When it comes to the bedroom, choose high-quality linens and bedding in neutral colors for a hotel-like feel. Minimalist décor can also be functional – think storage baskets, hooks, and wall shelves to keep clutter at bay.

A minimalist theme is perfect for any location, from a cozy cabin in the woods to a sleek apartment in the city. It’s also a budget-friendly option, as the focus on simplicity means less need for decorative items. Whether guests are looking for a calming retreat or a space to clear their minds, a minimalist Airbnb rental can provide the perfect escape.

25 Specialized Airbnb Themes That WOW Travelers

best airbnb themes

Now that we’ve covered some of the popular interior design trends let’s dive into some of the best Airbnb themes that will take your short-term rental to the next level, sometimes creating a type of “mania” on social media:

The Classic Disney Theme

When it comes to family-friendly themes, it’s hard to beat the magic of Disney. A Disney-themed Airbnb can transport guests to a world of wonder, where their favorite movies and characters come to life. From Mickey Mouse to Elsa, there are endless options to choose from when designing a Disney-themed rental.

To create a Disney-themed Airbnb, start with the basics: choose a color scheme that matches the theme, such as red, yellow, and black for a classic Mickey Mouse look, or blue and white for a Frozen-inspired design.

Add touches of Disney throughout the rental, such as Mickey-shaped accents or framed posters of classic Disney movies. Disney-themed bedding, curtains, and wall decals can also help bring the theme to life.

For an added touch of magic, consider adding some Disney-inspired amenities to your rental. A mini theater room with a projector and screen can be transformed into a Disney movie theater, while a playroom with Disney-themed toys and games can keep younger guests entertained for hours.

And don’t forget the Disney-themed hot tub or pool, complete with colorful floats and pool toys! Overall, a Disney-themed Airbnb is sure to delight guests of all ages and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Book Lover’s Paradise

For the bookworms out there, a book lover’s themed Airbnb rental is the perfect escape. This theme is especially fitting for rentals located near libraries or literary landmarks. Guests can cozy up with a good book and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea in a space that is designed to look like a personal library.

To create a book lover’s theme, start with the color scheme. Neutral colors such as beige, cream, and brown work well and can create a calming atmosphere. Consider incorporating a bookshelf or two in the rental, filled with books that guests can peruse and even take with them as a souvenir. You can also add cozy blankets and pillows to the furniture for an extra touch of comfort.

Other decorations could include vintage typewriters, antique globes, and old-fashioned desk lamps. Maps, posters of famous authors, and book covers as artwork can also add a nice touch. Incorporating reading nooks, with a comfortable chair or chaise lounge, can make guests feel like they’re in their own personal library.

Overall, a book lover’s themed Airbnb can create a cozy and intellectual atmosphere for guests, making it a perfect retreat for those looking to get lost in a good book.

The Victorian Theme

The Victorian era, which spanned from the 1830s to 1900, is characterized by elaborate design, ornate details, and a strong sense of luxury. A Victorian-themed Airbnb rental can transport guests to a bygone era and offer a truly unique experience. Here are some ideas to incorporate into a Victorian-themed rental:

  • Antiques: Victorian décor often includes antiques, such as intricately carved wood furniture, vintage vases, and ornate chandeliers. Search local antique stores or online marketplaces for authentic pieces that can add a touch of history to the rental.
  • Wallpaper and fabrics: Bold, patterned wallpaper and richly colored fabrics were popular during the Victorian era. Consider using damask or floral wallpaper and heavy drapes in the rental.
  • Accent pieces: Small accent pieces can add a lot of character to a Victorian-themed rental. Look for antique picture frames, old books, and vintage accessories like candlesticks, doilies, and decorative plates.
  • Colors: The Victorian era is often associated with dark, rich colors like burgundy, emerald green, and navy blue. These hues can add a sense of drama and sophistication to the rental.
  • Bathroom: The bathroom is a great place to incorporate Victorian elements. Clawfoot tubs, vintage washstands, and ornate mirrors can all help create a Victorian atmosphere.

By incorporating these elements into a Victorian-themed rental, guests will feel like they have traveled back in time to a bygone era of opulence and elegance.

Rustic/Glamping Theme

If you own a cabin or a camping site, a rustic “glamping” theme can be a great way to attract guests who want to experience the outdoors with a touch of luxury. Glamping is all about being immersed in nature while still enjoying the comforts of modern life. Here are some ideas for creating a rustic glamping theme:

  • Use natural materials: Incorporate natural materials such as wood, stone, and metal to create a rustic look. For example, you could use wooden crates as storage, tree stumps as side tables, or metal lanterns for lighting.
  • Add cozy furnishings: Make the space feel cozy and comfortable by adding soft blankets, plush pillows, and a comfortable seating area.
  • Use earthy colors: Stick to earthy colors such as brown, green, and beige for a natural, rustic feel.
  • Incorporate camping gear: Use camping gear as decor, such as lanterns, canteens, and vintage camping chairs.
  • Add outdoor elements: Bring the outdoors inside by incorporating natural elements such as plants, pinecones, and antlers into the decor.
  • Install a hot tub: A hot tub is a perfect addition to a glamping site. It provides guests with a luxurious way to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

By incorporating these elements into your rental property, you can create a cozy, rustic glamping theme that guests will love.

Star Wars Theme

If you’re a fan of the galaxy far, far away, a Star Wars-themed Airbnb is the perfect place to let your inner Jedi come out to play.

With iconic décor, guests can feel like they’re staying in their very own Star Wars universe. You can add subtle touches like Star Wars artwork, themed bedding, and even a light saber on the wall.

For a more immersive experience, you can create a Star Wars-inspired room with themed furnishings and decorations, such as a Millennium Falcon bunk bed or a Death Star-inspired light fixture.

When it comes to Star Wars themes, colors play a significant role in creating the desired atmosphere. The most common colors associated with Star Wars are black, white, gray, brown, green, red and blue. These colors can be used to create a sleek and modern feel, which is perfect for a space-themed rental.

In addition to colors, the materials used in the décor can also contribute to the overall look and feel of the space. For example, metallic finishes and reflective surfaces can be used to create a futuristic vibe, while wood and leather can give the space a more rustic and earthy feel.

Another way to incorporate the Star Wars theme is by distinguishing between the Jedi and Sith colors. Jedi colors include blue and green, while Sith colors include red and black. By using these colors throughout the space, guests can feel like they are part of a galactic battle.

Whether you choose to create a space-themed rental or an immersive Jedi vs. Sith experience, incorporating the right colors and materials can make all the difference.

Pirates of the Caribbean Theme

Ahoy matey! If you’re a fan of adventure on the high seas, a Pirates of the Caribbean-themed Airbnb can capture the imagination of audiences worldwide with its swashbuckling adventure and pirate lore. Here are some tips for creating a pirate-themed rental:

  • Embrace the colors: The color scheme for a Pirates of the Caribbean theme should include rich, dark colors like black, brown, and burgundy. You can also incorporate deep blues and greens for a sea-inspired look.
  • Use rustic materials: To create a rustic pirate feel, use distressed wood, wrought iron, and weathered metals. Old, leather-bound books and maps can also add to the ambiance.
  • Add nautical elements: Incorporate nautical elements like anchors, ropes, and ship’s wheels into your decor. You can also use netting, fishing gear, and even rum barrels to add to the theme.
  • Consider pirate accents: Pirate accents like skull and crossbones, Jolly Roger flags, and pirate hats can be used to add a fun touch to your decor.
  • Create a treasure hunt: A fun way to add to the theme is by creating a treasure hunt for your guests. Hide clues throughout the rental that lead to a prize at the end.

Local College/Sports Theme

The Show Your College Pride theme is an excellent option for alumni and sports enthusiasts. The theme can highlight the colors and logos of your alma mater and create a spirited environment for guests.

Consider incorporating the school’s mascot, memorabilia, and college-related décor items to give the rental an authentic feel.

If the rental is near the college campus, this theme is perfect for attracting parents visiting their children or alumni attending sporting events.

Additionally, consider adding comfortable seating options such as bean bags and pillows, a mini-fridge stocked with local beers or favorite beverages, and board games that showcase the school’s spirit.

When designing the theme, think about different areas of the rental that can represent different aspects of college life.

For example, the living room can showcase the college’s sports teams, while the bedrooms can have comforters and sheets with the school’s logo. The dining area can feature college-themed plates, cups, and tablecloths.

Incorporating a Show Your College Pride theme can create an exciting atmosphere and be a unique selling point for the rental property.

A Stranger Things Theme

A Stranger Things theme is perfect for fans of the popular Netflix series, and there are many! This theme allows guests to step into the world of Hawkins, Indiana and experience the supernatural occurrences that take place in the show.

To create a Stranger Things theme, consider using a dark color palette with pops of bright neon colors, reminiscent of the show’s iconic logo.

The bedroom could be designed to look like Joyce Byers’ living room, complete with Christmas lights on the wall and a replica of the alphabet wall. The living room could feature a vintage couch, retro lamps, and a replica of the Byers’ family television.

To add to the supernatural ambiance, consider adding a fake Demogorgon in the corner or a replica of the Mind Flayer. Bonus points if you can make it animate with the lights flickering randomly in the middle of the night.

Guests could also enjoy a game of Dungeons and Dragons in a themed game room or play arcade games reminiscent of the show’s era.

Barbie’s Dreamhouse Theme

Barbie’s Dreamhouse theme is perfect for those who want to recreate the iconic pink and glamorous world of the famous doll. This theme is all about femininity, elegance, and a touch of whimsy. Here are some ideas to create your own Barbie’s Dreamhouse Airbnb rental:

  • Pink Everywhere: Barbie is known for her love of pink, so make sure to incorporate this color throughout the rental. From the walls to the bedding, pink should be the dominant color.
  • Glamorous Décor: To achieve the luxurious look of a dream house, incorporate glamorous décor like chandeliers, mirrored furniture, and plush textiles.
  • Barbie-Inspired Details: Incorporate Barbie-inspired details, like a display of Barbie dolls or a pink vintage phone, to truly immerse guests in the theme.
  • Playful Touches: Don’t forget to add playful touches like a dress-up closet filled with Barbie-inspired clothes or a giant pink inflatable pool toy.
  • Unique Amenities: Go the extra mile and provide unique amenities like a pink velvet couch or a hot pink clawfoot tub to really make the rental stand out.

A Coastal Retreat Beach House Theme

This theme aims to bring the beauty of the ocean and beach to the inside of the rental property. The design elements for this theme focus on incorporating light and airy colors, textures, and natural materials, giving the space a tranquil and refreshing feel.

When designing your coastal retreat, think about incorporating shades of blue, green, and white to create a soothing color palette. Textured fabrics such as linen, cotton, and jute can add depth and texture to the décor. Using natural wood or rattan furniture pieces can give the space a relaxed, beachy vibe.

Consider adding beach-themed accents like seashells, driftwood, and coral to complete the look. Hang coastal-inspired artwork on the walls, and use nautical décor like anchors, paddles, and life preservers as accents.

To complete the coastal retreat beach house theme, make sure to have plenty of natural light in the space. You can do this by adding sheer curtains or removing heavy window treatments altogether.

Additionally, you can add light fixtures that mimic the look of beach-inspired lanterns or driftwood chandeliers to bring the feel of the beach to your vacation rental.

The Famous Artist Theme

The Famous Artist theme is perfect for the creative and artistic types, who love being surrounded by art and design.

This theme allows you to showcase your favorite artists and their works throughout the property. From Picasso to Warhol, you can select a few famous artists or an entire genre of art that you would like to feature.

When selecting this theme, consider the color palette that will complement the artwork.

For example, if you are showcasing Picasso’s blue period, consider using shades of blue throughout the property. You can also use artwork as a starting point for designing the space. For instance, if you have a large Warhol print, use the colors in the print as a guide for selecting complementary décor and furniture.

For this theme, focus on creating an ambiance of sophistication and creativity. Use neutral colors as a backdrop for the artwork, and allow the art to stand out. You can also use unique lighting fixtures and modern furniture to create an edgy and contemporary vibe.

The Surfer’s Paradise Theme

The Surfer’s Paradise theme is perfect for beachfront properties and coastal vacation rentals. The key to achieving this theme is to focus on creating a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere that evokes the surfer lifestyle. Some tips for creating a Surfer’s Paradise theme include:

  • Color scheme: Use bright and bold colors, such as turquoise, coral, and seafoam green, to bring the ocean to life. These colors work well on accent walls, bed linens, and decorative accessories.
  • Surf-inspired décor: Incorporate elements that pay homage to the surfer lifestyle, such as vintage surfboards, photos of famous surfers, and ocean-themed artwork.
  • Natural materials: Use natural materials like bamboo, rattan, and wicker to create a relaxed and beachy vibe. These materials can be incorporated into furniture, decorative accents, and light fixtures.
  • Beachy textiles: Incorporate textiles like woven blankets, knit throws, and nautical-striped area rugs to add texture and warmth to the space.
  • Indoor/outdoor living: Create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living spaces by using outdoor furniture indoors and vice versa. This will help to maximize the ocean views and create a more relaxed atmosphere.

Family Game Night Theme

Family game nights are a fun and interactive way to bring families together, and what better way to enhance the experience than by incorporating an entire family game night theme into your Airbnb rental? Here are some tips on how to create, design, and style this type of theme:

  • Choose the right space: Ideally, your rental should have enough space to accommodate a variety of games and activities. Look for a property with a large living room or rec room, and consider adding a game room or converting a spare bedroom into a game room.
  • Select the right games: Think classic board games like Monopoly, Scrabble, and Clue, as well as family-friendly games like Twister, Jenga, and Operation. You could also add a foosball table or air hockey table for some added excitement. Check out our article on the best games for Airbnb that we like to include.
  • Add themed décor: Set the mood by adding themed décor such as game board wall art, dice pillows, and a rug in the shape of a game board. You could also add a themed accent wall with a bold pattern or mural of your favorite game.
  • Incorporate color: Use bright, bold colors such as red, yellow, and blue to create a playful and inviting atmosphere. You could also incorporate accent colors from your favorite game, such as green for Monopoly or pink for Candy Land.
  • Provide comfortable seating: Make sure there is enough seating for everyone to play comfortably, and choose seating that is comfortable and durable. Bean bag chairs, floor cushions, and poufs are all great options.
  • Consider lighting: Lighting can make a big difference in the mood of a room. Consider adding string lights or a colorful lamp to add some ambiance and create a fun and inviting atmosphere.
  • Don’t forget the snacks: No game night is complete without snacks! Consider providing a snack station with popcorn, candy, and other treats to keep your guests fueled and ready for a night of fun with plenty of energy to spare to write those 5-star reviews.

Lord of the Rings Theme

For fans of J.R.R. Tolkien’s epic fantasy series, a Lord of the Rings-themed Airbnb is a dream come true. Whether you want to recreate Hobbiton or the mines of Moria, there are many ways to incorporate the magical world of Middle-earth into your rental.

One idea is to create a cozy hobbit hole, complete with round doors, rustic wooden furniture, and earthy colors. You can even add fake grass and flowers to bring the Shire to life.

For a more adventurous theme, consider designing a room that looks like the inside of a dwarven mine or an elven forest. Use natural materials like wood, stone, and moss to create a rustic feel.

When it comes to colors, stick to earth tones like green, brown, and grey, which reflect the natural landscapes of Middle-earth. You can also incorporate the colors of the different races, like the blue and silver of the elves or the red and gold of the dwarves.

No Lord of the Rings theme is complete without plenty of props and decorations. Think swords, shields, and helmets for the warriors, as well as books and maps for the scholars. Add touches of whimsy with hobbit-themed décor, like a replica of the One Ring or a map of Middle-earth to the local grocery store.

80’s Theme

If you’re feeling nostalgic for the 1980s, an 80s-themed Airbnb rental might be just the ticket to remind the new generation what life was like before the internet era and algorithms.

To create an authentic 80s vibe, focus on bright neon colors, bold patterns, and pop culture references from the era. Here are some tips for bringing the 80s into your rental:

  • Bright Colors: Incorporate bright and bold colors, like neon pink, electric blue, and acid green, into your décor. These colors can be used in accents such as pillows, rugs, and wall art.
  • Pop Culture References: Incorporate pop culture references from the 80s such as movie posters, album covers, and toys from popular franchises like Star Wars, The Breakfast Club, and Ghostbusters.
  • Retro Electronics: Consider including retro electronics like boomboxes, cassette tapes, and VCRs to bring a sense of nostalgia to the space.
  • Bold Patterns: Don’t forget to incorporate bold patterns like geometric shapes and stripes in your furnishings and décor, complete with parachute pants and big hair.
  • Decade-specific Furniture: Use decade-specific furniture such as bean bag chairs, wicker furniture, and glass-topped tables to transport guests back in time.

90’s Theme

The 90s was a decade of colorful clothing, iconic music, and popular movies and TV shows that have become cultural touchstones of a time before 9/11.

A 90s-themed Airbnb can transport guests back to the nostalgia of the era, making it an ideal option for those who grew up in the 90s or simply love the aesthetic.

When creating a 90s-themed Airbnb, it’s important to incorporate popular trends and elements from the decade. Bright colors, bold patterns, and neon lights are key design elements to include. Popular TV shows and movies from the 90s, such as Friends, Seinfeld, and Jurassic Park, can also provide inspiration for décor.

Furniture and décor items like inflatable chairs, lava lamps, cassette tapes, and posters of popular 90s bands or movies can be used to create a truly immersive experience. Additionally, a gaming console like the Nintendo 64 can be added for guests to enjoy classic games like Super Mario 64 or Goldeneye.

Music is also a crucial element to consider when designing a 90s-themed Airbnb. Popular songs from the decade, such as Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” or Britney Spears’ “Baby One More Time,” can be played on a vintage CD player or cassette player to complete the ambiance.

Super Hero Theme

A Super Hero theme is perfect for any guest who loves the colorful and imaginative world of comic book heroes. This theme allows guests to channel their inner superhero and experience a memorable stay. Here are some tips on how to create the perfect Super Hero theme for your Airbnb:

  • Choose a hero or team: Whether it’s Marvel or DC Comics, there are plenty of iconic heroes to choose from. Consider a hero that has a connection to your location or a hero that your ideal guest niche would love.
  • Color scheme: The colors associated with a particular hero or team can be incorporated into the décor of the Airbnb. For example, the red and blue of Superman, the green and purple of the Joker, or the black and yellow of Batman.
  • Superhero accessories: Consider adding superhero accessories such as action figures, posters, and comic books to the décor. These small touches can go a long way in enhancing the theme.
  • Movie memorabilia: Superhero movies are some of the highest-grossing films in history. Add some superhero movie memorabilia to your Airbnb, such as props and posters, behind the scenes images, signed autographs, etc. to enhance the theme and provide a unique experience for your guests.
  • Bedding and linens: Superhero bedding and linens can add the perfect finishing touch to your Airbnb theme. Consider superhero-themed bedding and towels for your guests to use.

Haunted House Theme

A haunted house theme can be a thrilling and spooky way to decorate your Airbnb rental property for Halloween or any other time of the year. Here are some ideas for creating a haunted house theme:

  • Creepy Décor: Set the mood by hanging cobwebs, bats, and skeletons. Use dim lighting or candles to create a spooky atmosphere. Add some fog machines or dry ice to create a mysterious ambiance.
  • Haunted Room Themes: Consider having different haunted rooms such as a mad scientist’s lab or a spooky cemetery. Each room can have different spooky decorations.
  • Sound Effects: Use sound effects like eerie music, creaking doors, and ghostly moans to add to the spooky ambiance. Bonus points if you can create something really creepy for during the night.
  • Scary Props: Add scary props like a cauldron, potion bottles, and spooky toys. You can even create a fake witch’s brew by adding dry ice to a cauldron.
  • Costumes: Encourage guests to dress up in costumes to match the haunted house theme. You could even provide some costumes or accessories for guests to use.

Remember to balance the level of scare factor based on the target audience. If your target audience is families with children, make sure the decorations and props are not too frightening or can cause injury.

Wild West Theme

A Wild West theme can be a perfect fit for an Airbnb property located in the countryside or near a historic site. This theme can transport guests to the old western days and make them feel like they are living in a cowboy movie, as popularized in the show Westworld.

To create a Wild West theme, the property should have rustic wooden furniture, leather sofas, and cowboy-themed decorations. The color palette should include earthy tones such as browns, beiges, and oranges, which can be seen in the desert landscapes of the old west.

To bring the Wild West theme to life, consider adding unique décor items such as a wagon wheel chandelier, a vintage whiskey barrel table, and antique firearms on the wall. Guests can also enjoy board games like poker or chess that have a cowboy theme.

When selecting bedding and linens, think of blankets and quilts made of natural materials like wool, denim, and leather. Guests can sleep in a cozy bed with a wooden headboard and dream of being in a rustic western town.

Lastly, to complete the Wild West theme, consider hosting a campfire with s’mores and hot cocoa outside the property. You can also add horseback riding, a shooting range, or other western-inspired activities to give your guests an immersive experience.

The Man Cave Theme

The Man Cave theme is a perfect choice for those who want to create a masculine and relaxing space. This theme is all about providing a space for men to unwind, watch sports, play games, and enjoy time with friends. When it comes to designing the perfect Man Cave, there are a few key elements to consider.

  • Choose the right colors: Stick to neutral or dark colors for a classic Man Cave feel. Black, brown, navy blue, and gray are good choices.
  • Pick the right furniture: Go for comfortable seating options like a leather recliner or a sectional sofa. Add a bar area with bar stools, a mini-fridge, and a TV to create a space to entertain friends.
  • Decorate with sports memorabilia: Display your favorite sports team jerseys, helmets, and other memorabilia on the walls.
  • Add a pool table or dart board: A pool table or dart board can provide hours of entertainment for you and your guests.
  • Install proper lighting: Good lighting is essential for any Man Cave. Choose dimmer switches and lamps with warm light bulbs to create a cozy, relaxing ambiance.
  • Add some personal touches: Display your favorite books, movies, or hobbies. Hang up framed photos of your family or pets.
  • Soundproof the room: If you want to really make it a Man Cave, consider soundproofing the walls to create a private and quiet space for the boys to rough-house in.

Winery Theme

A winery theme can be an excellent choice for an Airbnb rental, especially if the property is located in a wine-producing region. A winery theme can be designed to evoke a sense of rustic elegance and sophistication, with rich colors and natural materials.

When designing a winery theme, consider incorporating elements such as wooden wine barrels, grapevines, wine bottles, and wine glasses. Choose a color scheme that includes deep reds, purples, and earthy browns to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

To add to the ambiance, install a wine rack or wine cellar in the property. You can also include wine-themed artwork, such as vintage wine advertisements or oil paintings of vineyards.

For the furniture, choose comfortable seating options such as leather sofas or plush armchairs. Consider adding rustic wooden tables and shelves to display wine bottles and glasses too.

To create an authentic winery feel, consider offering guests a complimentary bottle of local wine upon their arrival. You can also include a guidebook highlighting nearby wineries and wine-tasting events in the area.

Game of Thrones Theme

The Game of Thrones television series may have ended, but its impact on popular culture is far from over. A Game of Thrones theme is a great way to transport guests to the world of Westeros and create a truly unforgettable experience. Here are some tips on how to create a Game of Thrones theme in your Airbnb:

  • Choose a Color Scheme: The world of Game of Thrones is full of muted tones, dark colors, and rich textures. Choose a color scheme that reflects this, with deep blues, greys, blacks, and browns.
  • Use Textures: From furs and leathers to heavy tapestries and metal accents, Game of Thrones is all about texture. Incorporate these materials into your décor to give your Airbnb a true Westerosi feel.
  • Display Armor and Weapons: Swords, shields, and other medieval weapons make for great decorative pieces in a Game of Thrones theme. Display them on walls or in stands to create an authentic atmosphere.
  • Add a Fireplace: Fire is an important element in the world of Game of Thrones, and a fireplace is a great way to bring this element into your Airbnb. Not only will it create a cozy atmosphere, but it will also add to the medieval ambiance.
  • Serve Themed Refreshments: Consider serving food and drinks that reflect the world of Westeros, such as medieval-style mead or hearty stews.
  • Include Game of Thrones References: From a replica of the Iron Throne as your toilet to Stark House banners and other Game of Thrones-inspired décor, including references to the show will make your Airbnb stand out and create a memorable experience for your guests.

Christmas Theme

A Christmas-themed Airbnb rental can be a cozy and magical experience for guests during, or well after, the holiday season.

To create a festive atmosphere, you can decorate the rental with traditional Christmas decorations such as a Christmas tree, stockings, and ornaments. You can also add unique touches such as fairy lights, wreaths, and mistletoe.

To take it a step further, consider incorporating a specific Christmas theme, such as a Winter Wonderland or Santa’s Workshop. A Winter Wonderland theme could include icy blue and white decorations, faux snow, and snowflake patterns, while a Santa’s Workshop theme could feature red and green décor with presents, elves, and reindeer.

Another great way to incorporate the Christmas theme is to provide guests with holiday-themed amenities such as hot cocoa, candy canes, and Christmas cookies. You can also consider leaving wrapped presents from the dollar store under the tree for your guests to open on Christmas morning.

When promoting your Christmas-themed rental, be sure to emphasize the cozy and magical atmosphere it provides, as well as any special holiday amenities you offer. It’s also important to highlight any holiday events or attractions in the area, such as Christmas markets or light displays.

Cabin in the Woods Theme

Looking for an Airbnb theme that will transport your guests to a cozy and rustic getaway? Consider a cabin in the woods theme! This theme is perfect for those who want to create a peaceful and relaxing environment for their guests.

To start with, choose a cabin-style property that has wood accents, exposed beams, and a fireplace. This will set the perfect foundation for your theme.

Next, focus on decorating the space with cozy and warm touches. Use plaid or fur throws and pillows, and consider adding some antlers or taxidermy to create a rustic ambiance. You can also incorporate natural elements like pinecones, branches, and moss to bring the outdoors inside.

For the bedroom, use soft and warm bedding with rustic prints like buffalo check or plaid. You can even incorporate a faux fur rug for a cozy touch.

In the bathroom, add wooden accents like a wooden towel rack or a wooden soap dish. You can also incorporate natural scents like pine or cedar with candles or diffusers.

To complete the cabin in the woods theme, consider adding outdoor elements like a fire pit or a hot tub. This will give your guests the ultimate cabin experience.

Historical Events Theme

A historical event theme for an Airbnb rental can be a unique and immersive experience for guests who want to travel back in time. This theme can range from a particular era or event, such as the Renaissance or World War II. Here are some tips for creating a historical event theme:

  • Research the historical event: Start by researching the historical event you want to base your theme on. Learn about the fashion, architecture, and customs of the time to accurately recreate the atmosphere in your rental.
  • Choose a color scheme: Choose a color scheme that was popular during that era. For example, if you’re creating a World War II theme, consider using muted colors like olive green, beige, and navy blue.
  • Decorate with historical artifacts: Incorporate historical artifacts, like antique furniture, maps, or artwork, to give your rental an authentic feel. You can also display replicas of famous artifacts, like a replica of the Rosetta Stone or the Mona Lisa.
  • Create a themed room: Consider creating a themed room, like a Renaissance bedroom or a World War II bunker. Decorate the room with period-specific furniture and décor, and add touches like a four-poster bed or a vintage radio.
  • Host events and activities: Host events and activities that tie into the historical theme, like a Renaissance ball or a World War II movie marathon. You can also provide guests with historical books or movies to help them learn more about the era.

Inspiration for Themes

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with choosing the best Airbnb themes, don’t worry! There are many sources of inspiration that can help you come up with the perfect theme of your own. Here are some great places we look for inspiration:


Pinterest is an excellent source of inspiration for just about anything, especially decorating themes. You can search for specific keywords related to your rental property, such as “beach house decor,” “Star Wars bedroom,” or “Victorian living room.”

You’ll find plenty of pins with decorating ideas and inspiration for all kinds of themes. You should create your own Pinterest board to save ideas and inspiration for your rental property.


Instagram is another great platform to search for inspiration. You can search for hashtags related to your theme, such as #beachhousedecor or #StarWarsbedroom, to find inspiration from other Airbnb rental properties. You can also follow interior designers and decorators who specialize in your chosen theme to get even more ideas and inspiration.


TikTok is a newer platform for finding inspiration, but it has quickly become a popular source of decorating ideas. You can search for hashtags related to your theme or follow interior design accounts to find short videos with decorating tips and inspiration.

TikTok also has a feature called “duets,” which allows you to create a video response to other users’ content. You can use this feature to showcase your own rental property and get inspiration from other users’ responses.

Overall, there are many sources of inspiration for choosing a theme for your Airbnb rental property. Whether you prefer to use Pinterest, Instagram, or TikTok, you’re sure to find plenty of ideas and inspiration to help you create a unique and memorable experience for your guests.

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