10 Best Coffee Makers for Your Airbnb Property

One of the best amenities you can provide for your guests is a coffee maker, and they come in many varieties that appeal to different types of demographics. For some,…

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links and/or links to our own products.

One of the best amenities you can provide for your guests is a coffee maker, and they come in many varieties that appeal to different types of demographics.

For some, a simple drip coffee maker is what business travelers will expect. Bonus points if it can be programmable. Others may prefer a French press style that is more rustic and vintage.

Of course, in most cases you won’t want to go too crazy and get something so expensive/sophisticated that your guests will need to take a course on how to use it, so staying within a budget is what we will focus on.

The best coffee maker for most Airbnb properties will be an automatic system like the Cuisinart Perfectemp Machine for drip coffee, or a pod system like the Keurig K-Duo Coffee Maker. However, the type of guests you get will determine which one is the better choice. Here’s how to find out.

Let’s brainstorm what Airbnb guests might be seeking for their coffee needs to best determine which coffee makers are the best choices when sharing your home with visitors.

Coffee for Your Airbnb: A Brief Overview

Brew Smartly tells us that 49% of people would rather go without their cell phone for a day than give up coffee; that’s huge!

I know I can relate, and part of that is due to the fact that if I completely skip my coffee I will get huge caffeine withdrawals. Your guests will NOT be happy.

Deciding which coffee maker is best for your Airbnb property means first knowing what types of coffee makers are on the market! It also means determining which size coffee maker and model is best for the number of guests your property will host at once.

So let’s go shopping!

Manual Coffee Maker

Everything is fast these days, and our coffee is no exception. Manual coffee makers are a great choice if you’re looking to slow down a bit and savor your coffee. They’re affordable and a chic option for your Airbnb.

As a bonus, manual coffee makers are also portable! That might be convenient if your Airbnb boasts a spacious patio or outdoor living area or is next to a picnic spot! Overall, manual coffee makers are a viable option if your Airbnb hosts a single occupant or is perhaps marketed for couples only.

Here are some popular manual coffee makers you might consider if small, portable, and affordably chic is what you’re looking for:

  • French press coffee maker
  • Pour-over coffee maker

Here’s a great French press coffee maker (Amazon) you might consider if a manual coffee maker is your Airbnb choice.

If Pour-over coffee makers are more your style, this one from ParkBrew even comes with a handy heat-retaining lid!

If you’re not yet familiar with the popularity of pour-over coffee makers, this article will help show you exactly how to get started using one; be careful, though. You might just find that you buy two – one for your Airbnb and one for you!

Stovetop Coffee/Espresso Maker

For guests who prefer the smooth taste of espresso or coffee, a manual coffee or espresso maker may do the job. Business Insider called this type of coffee maker humble and effective.

However, requiring some work makes the stovetop coffee or espresso maker a subpar recommendation for an Airbnb where shiny, fast, and easy to clean reign supreme. Let’s take a quick look anyway, though, since you may be a fan.

Stovetop coffee makers require a bit more watching than a manual coffee maker. Still, they’re a useful option if your guests might like to brew a bit of campfire-like coffee in a rustic Airbnb or a fancy espresso with a bit of manual labor involved in a high rise city flat.

If your guests like the “finer” things in life, you might consider adding the stovetop “Moka” pot to your Airbnb as a secondary coffee maker instead of a first and only option.

If you’re considering a Moka pot, this one by Bialetti comes highly recommended.

Automatic Coffee Maker

Automatic coffee makers might be considered the “old school” choice, but they’re still around for a reason. They’re easy to use, and they make a lot of coffee at one time. If your Airbnb hosts families or crowds, an automatic coffee maker is a logical choice.

Your guests will thank you.

In searching for the best options to recommend, here’s my choice: this Cuisinart Perfectemp Machine makes 14 cups of coffee at a time! This is perfect for a family gathering.

If you want a bit more flexibility with a slightly smaller carafe and the option to make a single cup at a time (bonus!), this Hamilton Beach 2-Way Brewer Machine is right up your alley with an attractive price point.

Smart Coffee Maker

An interesting choice, these coffee makers can be programmed using your phone.

While a fun and energy-saving option for those who don’t want to go to the coffee pot and press “start,” this might not be the best option for an Airbnb when guests change daily or weekly and likely won’t want to program their phones for a few days’ usages. If you cater to long-term clientele, it might be worth considering.

This Atomi Smart Coffee Maker is Wi-Fi compatible and works with Alexa, Google Assistant, etc.

Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Cold brew coffee is all the rage these days!

Having a cold brew coffee maker in your Airbnb will save a Starbucks run and will definitely delight your guests who are only expecting a hot coffee pot.

The caveat? You won’t make any repeat visitors if you don’t also have a hot coffee maker, even if Airbnb hosts guests on a tropical island paradise. I’d say this is an excellent complement to one of the other hot coffee pots suggested here.

When looking for a cold brew coffee maker, this one by Takeya comes in a chic package and brews a delicious cup of cold brew.

Espresso Machine

For guests who prefer their caffeine in tiny packages, espresso without the work is a natural choice!

An espresso machine might be the perfect choice you’re looking for an automatic, brewed, strong espresso for drinking. As a bonus, it looks like you’ve chosen only the best for your most discerning Airbnb guests.

Definitely take pictures of this one for your listing!

There are a ton of espresso machines on the market at all price points, but if you’re going the espresso machine route, I say go big or go home. This Breville Barista Express will do the job just fine.

If your taste is larger than your budget, this affordable option from Mr. Coffee is equally appealing for its ability to brew espresso and cappuccino!

Pod Coffee Maker

Without a doubt, one of the most popular choices in homes, hotels, and likely Airbnbs alike, the pod coffee maker is a viable choice, especially if you supply a variety of coffee and non-coffee choices.

Coming in single-serve options as well as single-serve combined with carafe options, the pod coffee maker brews coffee quickly.

The caveat? Coffee snobs might think pod coffee makers make the least flavorful coffee out of the choices above. They also have multiple points of failure and require more maintenance than usual, such as cleaning and descaling.

Don’t let that stop you, though; a pod coffee maker will please most guests. An added bonus is that, if you choose to provide a beverage selection as well, guests will delight in the abundance of drink choices at their disposal!

Keurig makes some of today’s most popular pod coffee makers. In fact, they currently dominate about 80% of the single pod coffee market. Here’s the Keurig K-Duo Coffee Maker that will keep guests happily caffeinated by offering both single-serve options and carafe options.

Things to Consider When Choosing Your Coffee Maker

When choosing the best coffee maker for Airbnb, it’s vital to remember that people are unique in their habits, likes, dislikes, and needs. The better you can strive as an Airbnb owner to meet the needs of as many people as possible, the more likely you are to receive 5-star reviews from your guests.

After reviewing many coffee makers above, my best recommendation is to go with an automatic coffee maker or a pod coffee maker.

Both ensure that guests will be caffeinated (and quickly!) and will ensure you’ve not chosen something (as well-intentioned as you may be) so specific that you rule out satisfaction from a majority of your guests. Adding fancy new gadgets is always a good idea if you can swing it.

But make them additions rather than the only option, because you will draw the ire of your guests if you only provide a cold-brew option and they assumed differently.

My best recommendation – go with the tried and true options and, if you add the others, it’ll simply be a bonus. Guests tend to want to feel at home away from home. Providing something familiar is a wonderful way to make them feel at home and increase the likelihood that they will want to return to your Airbnb again and again.

Guests also like to experience new and interesting things, so providing novel options might expand their wish list for when they go back home.

The factors that matter most in your chosen coffee maker vary depending on a number of factors. Let’s break it down a little bit more.

Where Is Your Airbnb Located?

An Airbnb studio in the middle of the desert will be slightly different from a winter family chateau rental.

Knowing where your Airbnb is located and why guests are staying there (relaxation, adventure, etc.) can help you decide what type of coffee maker might best suit the needs of your guests.

Durability and Reliability

Airbnbs, like hotels, see a quick guest turnover. Because of this, a coffee maker that lasts, and that lasts while looking relatively new for a long time is a must-have. Which coffee pots stand the test of time and wear the best? Let’s take a look!

Consumer Reports studied 130,000 coffee makers over a period of ten years. Their findings were impressive.

Automatic Coffee Makers

Did you know that an automatic coffee maker typically lasts about seven years? Your Airbnb coffee maker might need to be replaced sooner than that if you have a lot of revolving guests, but the longevity makes the automatic coffee maker’s rankings go even higher when considering which coffee maker to recommend for your Airbnb.

Consumer Reports ranked coffee makers from most effective to least effective. The brands that ranked the highest wound up being less familiar – Bonavita, Technivorm, and Zojirushi.

Cuisinart ranked just below them, followed by some more familiar brands like Mr. Coffee, Oster, and Kenmore.

Here is our Consumer Reports recommended automatic coffee maker, the Bonavita Connoisseur 8-Cup One-Touch Coffee Maker.

Pod Coffee Maker

It’s no surprise that Consumer Reports also studied pod coffee makers. As mentioned above, Keurig dominates this market at about 80%, but it’s not their top recommendation. When it comes to reliability and durability, Nespresso outshines the competition.

This Essenza Machine by Nespresso gets Consumer Reports recommendations for buyers.

It’s not as large and multifunctional as many other products on the market. Still, if durability is a major factor, you might consider adding it to your list of possibilities when choosing the best coffee maker for your Airbnb.

Who Are Your Guests?

Choosing the best coffee maker for your Airbnb means knowing who your guests are. Who are you catering to? Here are some questions to ask yourself that may help you determine the right one for your clientele:

  • Are you offering an elite, upscale rental for couples only?
  • Are you offering a family-friendly abode with lots of recreation nearby?
  • Is your Airbnb a solo hideaway?
  • Are you catering to children and adults?

Knowing your guests is the first step toward choosing the right coffee pot.

As mentioned above, the automatic coffee makers and pod coffee makers are excellent choices for just about any clientele. Manual, stovetop, cold brew, and espresso-only choices might be reserved for specific needs and guests or added as additional offerings after first providing a more one-size-fits-most approach.

What Coffee To Provide to Your Airbnb Guests

Coffee aficionados are everywhere! People take their coffee seriously! Not all Airbnb’s keeps coffee stocked for guests.

If you do, it’s a wonderful treat, and you’ll want to keep a few things in mind. Here are some tips and tricks in your back pocket when considering what coffee to provide for Airbnb guests:


  • Pros: Considered the gold standard of coffee, espresso is stronger and often smoother than regular coffee. If your Airbnb caters to higher-end clientele and you choose one of the espresso maker options above, Illy Classico Espresso is an excellent option.
  • Cons: If your Airbnb caters more to families, this option may be more of a deterrent than a welcome.

Ground Coffee

  • Pros: Ground coffee is often the most economical choice. If you choose a neutral coffee blend, such as a bond Kona blend or a mild breakfast blend, you’ll likely please most of your guests. As an Airbnb owner, something to keep in mind – the smaller the coffee bag, the higher the price. That said, guests may not want to use coffee that has been opened, so an investment in smaller options would be wise for sanitary purposes.
  • Cons: Ground coffee comes in a single bag or container; it doesn’t allow for variety. For guests who may prefer more exotic coffees or other beverages, standard coffee options may find them running to the grocery store for a substitute.

Pod Coffee

  • Pros: Pod coffee is widely available and comes in hundreds of varieties. From breakfast blend to flavored coffees to dark roast, coffee drinkers are bound to enjoy this coffee pot. Additionally, non-coffee drinkers and children alike may enjoy other non-coffee pod options such as tea, cider, or hot chocolate.
  • Cons: Pod beverages are a bit more expensive, and that cost can add up when you’re trying to keep an Airbnb stocked for guests.

Don’t Forget the Non-Coffee Drinkers and Kids!

Unless your Airbnb is targeted as a couples-only retreat, there’s a good chance you’ll have some pint-sized visitors as well. Also, not everyone drinks coffee! When choosing your coffee pot, it’s important to remember to be inclusive when considering your guests. Some coffee pots I’ve mentioned above offer options outside the realm of coffee.

For example, an automatic coffee maker brews only coffee, but a pod coffee maker can brew coffee, tea, cocoa, cider, and more!

When considering how to best meet your guests’ needs, ask yourself what beverages you’d like to make readily available. Though you don’t have to make other beverages available, it might be a nice surprise and help your guests come back for a second or third visit.


Coffee is a popular drink, and owners of Airbnbs will want to make sure to have some sort of coffee maker ready when guests arrive. As we’ve discussed above, there are many factors to consider when choosing a coffee maker for your Airbnb property.

And that’s only the beginning! Once you choose the best coffee maker, you then need to decide if you’ll stock your house with coffee and other drinks guests might enjoy!

We recommend you do.

Having the best coffee maker for your anticipated guests will ensure a happy visit with guests who rate your property 5-stars and will want to return again and again. Happy sipping!

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