10 Best Sheets for Airbnb Hosting (2023 Review)

Part of being an incredible Airbnb host is paying attention to the little details, like bedding and linens. Between Egyptian cotton, bamboo, flannel, and more, the options are endless. After…

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Part of being an incredible Airbnb host is paying attention to the little details, like bedding and linens. Between Egyptian cotton, bamboo, flannel, and more, the options are endless.

After going through several sets of sheets in our short term rental, there were a few that stood out (and a few that guests tended to make comments on.)

The best sheets for Airbnb are the LuxClub Bamboo Sheets because of their softness, temperature moderation, and durability. However, consider specific factors like fabric type, longevity, and breathability when choosing a set that’s right for your particular Airbnb.

If you’re unsure what you should be looking for when buying sheets for your Airbnb, this article is for you. Below we will share some great sheets that your guests will love, the factors that make them great, and which ones we recommend.

The Importance of Great Sheets

Before you ask, yes, details like the quality of your sheets do matter when you’re an Airbnb host.

But why?

Above all else, bedsheets are a strong indicator of the rest of your home’s cleanliness. Think of it like this: if someone served you a cup of coffee in a restaurant, but the mug had a big red lipstick mark on the rim, it’d be a serious red flag. When it comes to hospitality, poor sheets are the equivalent.

Even if you aren’t a self-proclaimed “neat-freak” or “germaphobe,” sleeping on someone else’s sheets can send cleanliness concerns to the forefront of your mind. Providing guests with quality sheets (read: no tears or shinning, stains, pilling, etc.) can ease those trepidations.

You want them to be comfortable in their stay and rest well, right? Then, pay attention to your bedding.

Step into your guests’ shoes and ask yourself: “What would I think of these linens if they were in my hotel room?” If you wouldn’t be satisfied with them, then that’s a problem.

Remember, they don’t have to stand out, but they should stand up.

Overlooking details like bedding can send you on the fast track to negative reviews or a poor cleanliness rating. We don’t want that to happen to you, so that’s why we’re driving this point home. Continue to provide your guests with the quality you’d expect, and you’ll be good to go.

Best Overall Sheets: LuxClub Bamboo Sheets

The best overall sheets are the LuxClub Bamboo Sheets. They’re made of eco-friendly material, but they don’t compromise on quality. These sheets feel more luxurious than high count Egyptian cotton, especially in terms of softness and breathability.

LuxClub sheets are also moisture-wicking, so even notoriously hot sleepers can enjoy a cool, comfortable experience. Still, they moderate temperature exceptionally well, so these bamboo linens will keep you warm on chilly nights, too.

Best of all, these sheets are wrinkle-free, fade-resistant, and anti-pill, so you, too, can sleep well knowing this bedding will hold up throughout any length of stay. LuxClub sheets are a high quality, comfortable, green choice sure to accommodate any guests.

That’s what makes them our top overall pick.

Best Insulating Sheets: Bare Home Flannel Sheets

Do you live in a cold climate that chills you down to the bone? If so, your guests will enjoy a little added insulation in their bed. Try the Bare Home Flannel Sheets for optimal warmth. Getting into a bed made up with these feels like curling up into a nice, welcoming hug.

These flannel sheets are heavyweight and heavy-duty but made with smooth Turkish cotton for maximum softness. No need to worry about scratchiness!

Thick fabrics can sometimes take a while to dry, but not these. Bare Home flannel sheets are easy to set and forget in the laundry, so you can go about your day without having to keep checking them for dryness.

Plus, Bare Home flannel sheets are made without toxic chemicals or dyes. You can sleep soundly, knowing this process is safe and harmless. This also makes Bare a winner for guests with sensitive skin.

Best Cooling Sheets: Hotel Sheets Direct Bamboo Bed Sheets

No air conditioning in your Airbnb? Or, do you live in a humid, tropical climate that never seems to cool down? You’ll definitely want to equip your stay with cooling bed sheets to battle the heat. Hotel Sheets Direct Bamboo Bed Sheets are a great addition that your guests will appreciate on those summer nights.

Bamboo is highly breathable, making it the perfect material for cooling sheets. Some other companies mix microfibers and cotton into their bamboo products, but these are 100% made of the real thing. Also, they’re made of the highest grade of bamboo fibers.

Hotel Direct Bamboo Sheets are incredibly soft while resisting pilling, so they’ll stand the test of time. Your guests will be asking where they can get themselves a pair.

Best Sheets for Long Stays: Chvonttow Satin Sheets

Who says you have to go with the same kinds of sheets for every guest? Why not make the bed with linens that are suited for each kind of stay? If your Airbnb is going to be occupied for a while, try the Chvonttow Satin Sheets. This set is wrinkle-resistant, so even on your guests’ last night, the bed will look just as great as the first.

You’ll still want to wash them, however.

After a while, your guests might grow increasingly comfortable in your home and do things they might not have on the first night, like eating messy takeout in bed. Lucky for you, Chvonttow sheets fight fading and staining, so they can handle just about anything your guests throw their way.

Long stays can have travelers missing the comforts of home, but these sheets will leave them wishing they could stay just one night longer. Even those with sensitive skin will bask in the satiny glory. These silky soft sheets and guaranteed to contribute to a dreamy night sleep

Best Eco-Friendly Sheets: Royal Borough Tencel Bed Sheets

With recent significant pushes towards greener lifestyles, people want to see businesses taking greener initiatives—yes, your business is included! If you think eco-friendly means you have to compromise on quality and comfort, think again.

Royal Borough Tencel Bed Sheets are sustainably made with quickly regenerating eucalyptus trees and are manufactured with a closed-loop process that reuses 99% of the waste produced. Still, they maintain the luxe feel we’re all looking for.

Royal Borough Tencel Sheets are incredibly breathable to moderate all temperatures with ease. No need to worry about taking special care of these natural fibers—Tencel fabric is machine washable and wrinkle-resistant. It couldn’t be easier.

Responsible harvesting should always include the individuals doing the sourcing, too. Fair Trade Certification means you can feel good about supporting the environment and working communities. Fair Trade Certified products ensure that workers are being paid a fair wage and working in safer conditions.

Most Hygienic Sheets: Miracle Made Signature Bed Sheets

First things first, you always have to wash your sheets between guests. There’s no wiggle room there. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t invest in sheets that will stay cleaner for longer. The Miracle Made Signature Bed Sheets keep fighting bacterial growth even when they aren’t freshly washed.

These cotton sheets are infused with natural silver ions that help pull bacteria away before it can grow. No chemicals are needed. Antimicrobial silver supports healthy skin, illness prevention, and fights odors.

Miracle Made sheets are great to have in your arsenal during cold and flu season, but also for general health throughout the year. They stay fresh during longer stays and reduce bacterial transmission during high-turnover times when you’ve got lots of guests coming and going. Let your renters enjoy the most sanitary slumber.

Best Anti-Pilling Sheets: Mayfair Linen Egyptian Cotton Sheets

We’ve all been in that moment when you notice tiny clumps of fabric appearing on your sheets after what feels like the first wash. It’s equally disheartening and annoying. Mayfair Linen Egyptian Cotton Sheets prevent that from happening at all. Egyptian cotton is composed of longer threads than your standard cotton, making Mayfair Linen sheets pill-resistant.

You can trust that these sheets will stay looking and feeling brand new wash after wash. Your guests will love this five-star feel. They’ll never guess that they aren’t brand new, so it will be our little secret.

Best High Thread Count Sheets: SONORO KATE Bed Sheets

If cotton sheets call your name, thread count is the number one thing you should look for. Remember, the higher the thread count, the softer and silkier the fabric will be. SONORO KATE Bed Sheets weigh in with a whopping 1800 thread count. That’s right; 1800! It’s like sleeping on a cotton cloud.

SONORO KATE sheets are double brushed, so they stay ultra-comfortable no matter how many trips they take to the washing machine. If you need any more convincing, they’re also hypoallergenic and stain, shrink, fade, and wrinkle-resistant. Super soft and super durable? What could be better?

Best Luxury Sheets: Colorado Home Co Mulberry Silk Sheets

What’s the best way to really up the luxury of your Airbnb? By providing indulgent bedding! Your guests will absolutely notice that you went above and beyond when you make their beds with Colorado Home Co Mulberry Silk Sheets. This luxe bedding is made of genuine 22 momme Mulberry silk—the highest grade of silk around.

These glossy sheets aren’t just for aesthetics, though. Colorado Home Co sheets can support strong, healthy hair, lock in skin moisture, and enhance sleep quality itself.

If you’re seeking Superhost status (who isn’t?), these luxury Mulberry silk sheets are sure to send you on your way to the top.

Best Budget Sheets: Bedsure Bed Sheets

You can still find fantastic bed sheets without breaking the bank, and Bedsure Bed Sheets are here to prove it. These microfiber sheets are beautifully decorated with refined ruffle edges around the fitted sheet and pillowcases. With design aside, these Bedsure microfiber sheets are brushed to provide superior softness for the most comfortable stay.

Since these sheets are budget-friendly, there’s no need to fret if mishaps occur. The low cost makes them a great choice for Airbnb hosts.

What to Look for When Choosing Airbnb Sheets

Now that we’ve determined that you need to start shopping for new bedding, let’s take a look at what goes into good, or great, Airbnb sheets.

Type of Fabric

There are endless amounts of fiber types and blends on the bedding market. Of course, depending on your personal preferences and who you are as a host, some will be a better choice for you than others.

Cotton is a classic fiber for bedsheets, and it makes sense why. This plant-based material is sturdy, hypoallergenic, and can handle frequent, thorough cleanings.

These are all definite pluses for Airbnb hosts and guests alike. On the other hand, 100% pure cotton can feel more luxurious, but low thread counts tend to be itchy, low quality, and just generally uncomfortable.

If you’re interested in the upsides of cotton, but want a higher-grade material, consider Egyptian cotton.

Thanks to a higher thread count, this fiber is softer and more moisture-wicking than it’s counterpart while still maintaining its durability. The improved quality of Egyptian cotton does come at a price, though—and not always a cheap one.

If you’re aiming for that coveted Superhost or Plus distinction, you might be interested in donning your beds with luxurious silk sheets. Not only do these feel soft and smooth to the touch, but they can also work wonders for sensitive skin.

Like all good things, silk sheets require quite a bit of attention. Your sheets may call for special washing instructions. Plus, they can cost a pretty penny.

Maybe a high price point isn’t your style, and you’d rather go with a long-lasting, budget-friendly fiber. Polyester is a man-made synthetic fiber that is pretty low-maintenance. Watch out for pilling and stains, though. Also, note that this fabric lacks breathability, so make sure you have running air conditioning.

Do you want to make your Airbnb as eco-friendly as possible? Tencel sheets are a great alternative as the fibers are sourced from quickly-regenerating eucalyptus trees. Plus, their entire harvesting process is chemical-leak-free. Tencel is a strong fabric that keeps you feeling cool, but its speedy absorption rates make it prone to mildew.

Thread Count

If you don’t have much experience buying other fibers, you may not know that thread count is a concept that applies almost exclusively to cotton. Thread count refers to the thickness of the thread used in the sheets. The lower the count, the coarser the thread is.

As you may already know, the higher the thread count, the more delicate the fabric is. While this feels great to the touch, these sheets typically have a shorter life expectancy than their counterparts. On the other hand, lower thread count sheets will be durable but a bit more rustic.


The durability of your sheets is an important factor to consider when bedding your Airbnb. You’ll have to wash your linens between every guest, and if you have a lot of turnovers, you’ll be giving your washing machine quite a workout.

You could be washing them a few times a week, so consider the longevity of your sheet’s material when shopping to avoid frequently replacing them.

A few of the more durable options we’ve mentioned include polyester, Tencel, and low thread count cotton.


There’s no substitute for giving your bedding a thorough wash, but there are ways to help keep your sheets feeling fresher for longer.

Textiles like linen and flax have natural antimicrobial properties, but you can also purchase bed sheets containing silver nanoparticles that are also known to be antimicrobial.

Fabrics like these may be useful in fighting bacteria, viruses, and fungi. There’s nothing worse than traveling sick, and investing in these sheets may prevent guests from falling ill from microbiomes that their bodies aren’t use to.

They’ll appreciate that you’ve gone the extra mile and feel more secure sleeping in your sheets, and can even be a selling factor for your property.


As surprising as it may seem, color does play a significant role in how people perceive your stay. White sheets give the impression of cleanliness because you can clearly see all imperfections on this shade.

Think back to all of the hotels you’ve stayed in. They probably all have this in common. It’s also easier to do laundry when everything is the same color—no need to worry about splitting up the loads. We recommend following the suit.

Psychology is powerful! Because perception is reality 😀


Pills are the tiny fabric balls that appear on clothing and bedding alike from normal wear and tear. While it’s usually not detrimental, pilling isn’t aesthetically pleasing. Of course, you aren’t making the bed with new sheets every time, but this can also serve as a reminder that your linens have gotten some use. With rentals, that’s not a desirable quality.

To combat this, search for sheets made of a longer thread, high-quality cotton, like Egyptian or Supine.


A fabric’s weight will affect its insulating qualities. You can choose a material based on your climate and the overall temperature where you live. If your region is notorious for its chilly overnight lows, you might want to choose warmer sheets such as ones made from flannel.

On the other hand, if you live closer to the equator or don’t have air conditioning in your home, more breathable sheets like cotton or linen will be better options.

Can You Use the Ones Already on Your Bed?

You might already be wondering, “Wait, I have to go buy new sheets? Can’t I just use the ones already on my bed?” Well, there are some things to consider.

What State Are Your Sheets In?

It’s okay; we know that sometimes we let ourselves settle for less than the best. Maybe you’ve meant to change out your sheets and never got around to it. Maybe you think that your 5-year-old linens are “good enough.”

However, when it comes to hosting, you need to make sure your sheets are at their best. If you want to use your own, you’ll have to really examine them. Check for the following imperfections:

  • Pilling
  • Weak or thin areas
  • Tears
  • Discoloration and stains

If you find any of these flaws in your linens, you’ll need to swap them out before your guests arrive. You should also consider investing in new ones for yourself.

Are You Willing to Share?

Using the sheets you already have may be the most economical option as you stock your home full of other necessary Airbnb amenities, but is it the right choice for you? Most importantly, how do you feel about sharing your personal bedding with your guests?

Keep in mind that as a host, you (or your housekeeping team) will see first-hand what kind of shape your renters leave your home in. Sadly, not everyone is as neat as you are, and you might not be so keen on swapping sheets with your less-clean guests.

Or, maybe your bed is your sanctuary, and you sleep in the most luxurious sheets around. If you really splurged buying those expensive sheets (like this big-ticket ZRXRY Mulberry Silk Set), then you might not want just anyone to lay in them.

It’s okay if you have second-thoughts on sharing your bedding. We sure did after a guest left a huge semen stain on our sheets. That’s why we’re here: to guide you through it all.

How Much Should You Spend on Bedsheets?

Like we mentioned earlier in this article, you don’t have to spend a fortune on your bedsheets. High quality doesn’t always mean a high price tag. It’s easy to find great bedding in the $20 range and the $400+ range alike.

As long as your sheets are comfortable and can aid in a restful night’s sleep, the dollar sign doesn’t matter all that much.

Consider what you’d be comfortable spending on your own sheets and go from there. Keep in mind that disasters are bound to happen (hello “red wine” stains), so stay within a budget you’d be comfortable dishing out when they need replacing, because they will.

How Many Pairs of Sheets Should You Buy?

It’s a good idea to have multiple pairs of sheets on hand at a time so you can always have your bed made, even on laundry days. It’s also handy to keep one or two backup pairs in case you’ve met with an inevitable stain or tear. This way, you don’t have to scramble to run out and buy more.

Two is a good number, but three is even better. Rotating between them also increases their longevity as they won’t wear as quickly as ones that are in constant use.

If you’re still getting a feel for exactly what you’re looking for in a set of bed sheets, you can always buy a few different types and switch between them until you get a better feel for what works best for your Airbnb.

How Should You Wash Your Sheets?

For sanitary reasons, you must wash your sheets between every set of guests. If your renters are staying for longer than a week, they may appreciate some cleaner bedding. It’s a nice gesture to offer to change their linens, provide them with access to a washing machine, or leave them with an extra set so they can swap it out themselves if they’d prefer.

You may prefer to use floral or citrus-scented detergent when doing your personal laundry, but when you’re hosting, it’s best to play to everyone’s needs. Opt for a natural, hypoallergenic, fragrance-free like Seventh Generation’s Free & Clear Detergent. It’s environmentally-friendly, and you can feel comfortable knowing it’s safe for even your most scent-sensitive guests.

If you find any pesky stains on your beddings, Better Life Natural Stain & Odor Eliminator is a green option naturally scented with essential oils to get your sheets back in tip-top shape.

Dryer sheets are also a controversial laundry addition. Some people may experience irritation to these, but there isn’t sufficient research on their health effects. Our take? Experiment with alternatives. You can try using dryer balls like these SnugPad New Zealand Wool ones to eliminate static, but if they aren’t cutting it for you, dryer sheets are likely safe for most of your guests.

How Often Should You Replace Your Sheets?

It’s typically recommended to replace bed sheets every two to three years, but you will likely need to do that more frequently in a short term rental.

If your Airbnb is booked around the clock, aim to swap out your sheets annually. However, if your rental is seasonal, you can safely stretch that out a bit longer.

Of course, if you notice any imperfections in the quality or appearance of your bedding, replace them immediately. Stains, unremovable odors, or rips mean your sheets have got to go.

If you’re getting negative comments about your bedding situation, you should also look into the quality of your linens. If it’s a one-off comment and everything seems fine, you might just have had a picky guest. However, if you hear this from multiple people, definitely consider buying new sheets or changing the brand.

Other Bedding That You Need to Provide

Along with a great set of soft and comfortable sheets, you’ll have to provide your guests with some other bedding too. Here are some other staples you should include when making your Airbnb beds:

It’s always a nice addition to provide extra bedding for your guests to use if they need it. Don’t forget to equip common areas with cushiony throw pillows and soft blankets, too.

Thoughtful Touches to Include to Your Airbnb

It’s always nice to go the extra mile and pay attention to the details. Your guests will definitely notice, and you may even be on the fast track to Plus status. Here are some thoughtful touches to consider adding to your Airbnb:

  • Alarm clocks on nightstands
  • Fans in the bedroom
  • Chocolates on the pillows
  • Different types of sheets and pillows to meet your guests’ needs
  • Welcome notes
  • Lavender scented pillow mist to help tired travelers combat pesky jet-lag

Remember that Airbnb guests are staying in your place and not a hotel so they can get that homey feel. A little thoughtfulness goes a long way. They’ll surely remember this experience.

Final Thoughts

High-quality sheets are quintessential in an Airbnb. You don’t have to break the bank to get a great pair, especially because you’ll have to replace them fairly regularly.

We recommend LuxClub Bamboo Sheets for the best overall option, but consider factors like breathability, longevity, sanitation, and fabric type when choosing a set best suited to your guests’ needs.

Of course, sheets aren’t the only thing that will make your bedding inviting. Check out our post on the best mattresses for Airbnb!

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