5 Best Washer and Dryer Combos for Airbnb (2022 Review)

Even the most decadent Airbnb properties can garner low guest ratings and poor reviews if their facilities aren’t in order. If your Airbnb property isn’t equipped with a convenient, space-saving…

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links and/or links to our own products.

Even the most decadent Airbnb properties can garner low guest ratings and poor reviews if their facilities aren’t in order.

If your Airbnb property isn’t equipped with a convenient, space-saving washer and dryer combo, now might be the time to change that. Still, choosing the best laundry appliance can be a challenge, especially since you need enough capacity for a fast turnaround between bookings.

The best washer and dryer combos for Airbnb properties are an ideal size to fit all on-site bedding, energy-efficient, and easy to use. The Equator Merlot All-in-One Compact Combo Washer Dryer is a fantastic choice for Airbnb hosts looking to provide convenient on-site laundry services.

This article will explore what you might want to think about before buying a new washer and dryer combo.

We’ll also review some of our top picks for property owners hoping to spruce up their Airbnb properties. Hopefully, this guide will help you make the best possible purchasing decision while also boosting guest ratings.

Best Overall: Equator Merlot All-in-One Compact Combo Washer Dryer

This wine-colored washer and dryer combo is one of the most uniquely efficient, effective, and affordable options currently available. With a spin speed of 1200 RPM, it’s powerful enough to shake away moisture from freshly washed clothes.

Thanks to a litany of programs, this washer/dryer is also gentle enough to launder fragile bedding or infant clothing. But perhaps the real cherry on the top for this model is the included bottom storage drawer.

It’s ideal for keeping detergent, fabric softener, and other materials organized and out of sight. This washer and dryer combination might have benefited from a capacity increase, as it can only wash about 1.6 cubic feet (0.05 cubic meters) of cloth per load.

Bottom Line: In terms of capability, efficiency, size, price, and ease of use, you can’t get much better than this washer/dryer combo. This is ideal for smaller short term rentals that occupy 3 or less.


  • Excellent energy usage: Though this washer/dryer combo is relatively tall, capable, and attractive, it doesn’t consume a ton of energy. The average property owner may only spend $10.30 per year running this machine.
  • Bottom drawer storage: Sometimes, extra storage space is short. When this happens, it can be challenging to find and label a convenient and worthwhile laundry storage area. This washer/dryer combo comes with a bottom drawer for the best possible compact laundry storage.
  • A dozen programs: Users can select one of a dozen different washing/drying programs. This feature ensures that clothing of all types is permissible.
  • Increased height for more comfortable operation: One of the most painful things about operating a compact front-loading washer/dryer is the constant need to bend down to empty the interior barrel. Fortunately, this model is tall enough to keep spines from growing achy.


  • Unimpressive loading capacity: With less than two cubic feet (0.05 cubic meters) of space in this washer and dryer combo, guests won’t be able to launder several sets of clothing at once. However, a standard set of bedding (sheets and pillowcases) should still fit inside.

Product Specifications

Size22 x 23.5 x 45 inches (55.9 x 59.7 x 114.3 cm)
Estimated Annual Energy Cost$10.30
Capacity1.6ft³ (0.04m³)
Loading TypeFront Load
Weight191lbs (86.6kgs)

Best Value: Summit SPWD2202W Washer/Dryer Combo

Getting the most bang for your buck doesn’t always mean choosing the most expensive item. This is undoubtedly the case for the Summit Washer/Dryer Combo. With a moderate capacity, energy consumption rating, program variability, and price, it’s an excellent option for any property.

Bottom Line: This washer/dryer combo is affordable but working enough for any Airbnb property.


  • Decent load capacity: Sure, this washer and dryer combo might not feature the most impressive loading capacity, but it also doesn’t have a small barrel. Instead, it has a decently proportioned wash barrel that can accommodate almost three cubic feet (0.08 cubic meters) of cloth.
  • Moderate energy usage: Airbnb hosts will only need to spend about $11 to operate this washer/dryer combo each year. That’s about the cost of a single entree.
  • Sixteen wash cycles: Guests are bound to enjoy the plethora of cycle options that this machine provides.
  • Excellent value: When you consider all of the features and functions this appliance provides, it’s challenging to find a better option for a better price. Naturally, this makes the Summit the best value choice.


  • It may not fit into compact spaces: Though this machine has a relatively small width and depth, it’s slightly taller than comparable models. As such, it may not fit into some compact spaces.
  • May expose users to nickel: This washing machine may expose users to nickel. When nickel compounds are absorbed into the human body, they can increase the likelihood of specific types of cancers developing.

Product Specifications

Size33.25 x 23.38 x 23.5 inches (84.46 x 59.39 x 59.7 cm)
Estimated Annual Energy Cost$11
Capacity2.7ft³ (0.8m³)
Loading TypeFront Load
Weight170lbs (77kgs)

Best for Large Loads: LG WM3488HW Washer/Dryer Combo

Properties with multiple bedrooms are liable to attract larger parties of guests. As such, hosts may need to provide more laundry services or appliances with larger capacities. This stylish LG option sports more than two cubic feet (0.05 cubic meters) of space without compromising on size.

Bottom Line: When you need to handle larger laundry loads while maintaining a compact laundry area, this model could help.


  • Satisfying capacity: Unlike other types of compact washer/dryer combos, this model can handle far more than a pithy cubic foot. Instead, it can take on more than two cubic feet (0.05 cubic meters) of clothing at a single time.
  • Plenty of programs: Users can choose from among fourteen unique programs when washing and drying clothes.
  • Modern look and design: Though this LG washer/dryer isn’t the flashiest model in the land, it does sport a neat and stylish contemporary design. That’s bound to attract guests and keep them feeling optimistic about the appliance.


  • Relatively high energy consumption: Though this washer/dryer combo doesn’t consume a massive amount of energy, it does consume slightly more than comparable models.

Product Specifications

Size24 x 34 x 26 inches (61 x 86 x 66 cm)
Estimated Annual Energy Cost$14
Capacity2.3ft³ (0.7m³)
Loading TypeFront Load
Weight156lbs (71kgs)

Best for Small Spaces: Giantex Full-Automatic Portable Washer and Spin Dryer

Not every Airbnb property has washer and dryer hookups. Thankfully, you don’t need them if you own this portable washer and spin dryer.

While it may not be able to heat clothing to evaporate moisture, it can whip water away. Besides, imagine the savings you could enjoy with a washing and drying machine that isn’t continually consuming water and energy.

Bottom Line: When space is limited, you might want to try this portable washer and spin dryer if you have no other choice, or are in a tiny home/off grid.


  • It fits virtually anywhere: Perhaps the fascinating aspect of this washer and dryer combo is its portability.
  • Doesn’t require washer/dryer hookups: Some properties may not have washer and dryer hookups. Hosts can struggle to provide laundry solutions on these lots. This portable washer and dryer combo can utilize a property’s faucets to function, making it ideal for lots without hookups.
  • An affordable laundry solution: The average washer/dryer combo can easily fetch several hundred dollars. This solution is a much more affordable one.
  • Easy to operate: Thanks to a simple design and clear purpose, this washer and dryer combination is easy to use. With fewer programs and options also comes less confusion.


  • May not dry clothes thoroughly: Because this washer and dryer combo doesn’t introduce heat, clothes may still be damp after running through the spin cycle.
  • It can be loud: Because this machine utilizes a spin cycle to dry clothing, it can generate an unpleasant amount of noise.
  • Insufficient capacity: An excellent average in terms of washer/dryer capacity is about two cubic feet (0.05 cubic meters). This model falls well below that average, barely accommodating 0.8 cubic feet (0.02 cubic meters) of clothing.

Product Specifications

Size16.5 x 16 x 29.5 inches (41.9 x 40.6 x 74.9 cm)
Estimated Annual Energy CostN/A
Capacity0.8ft³ (0.02m³)
Loading TypeTop Load
Weight40lbs (18kgs)

Best for Energy Savings: BOSCH 500 Series Compact Stacked Laundry Pair

If your primary priority is energy efficiency, then the BOSCH 500 Series machine might be the ideal option for you. That’s because the average owner may only pay about $10 per year to operate this washer and dryer combo.

That feat is quite impressive, especially when you consider the massive capacity this option offers. Thanks to this setup’s stacked quality, users can wash a load of laundry while drying one. Guests could wash and dry entire sets of clothing during their stay.

Thanks to this model’s low-energy design, hosts won’t have to pay an arm and a leg to cater to this possibility. Overall, this could be the most money-saving and time-saving option.

Bottom Line: Choosing this washer/dryer combo may help you save hundreds of dollars on utility bills over the years.


  • Meager energy consumption: While some washer and dryer combos might cost upwards of $20 to run each year, this model only costs a measly $10.
  • Massive capacity: Many of the washer/dryer combos included in this guide sport relatively compact capacities. Not the BOSCH washer/dryer stack. It can handle four cubic feet (0.11 cubic meters) of clothing at a single time.
  • Fast turnaround: Instead of washing and drying each load within a single session, guests could enjoy a more rapid turnaround by drying a previous load while washing a new one. Hosts can also benefit from this design during the guest clean-up process.


  • One of the heaviest washer/dryer combos: Though most significant appliances are decently heavy, this model outdoes all of the other options within this guide. It weighs about 300lbs (136kgs). Airbnb hosts may require assistance during delivery and installation.
  • Unload and reload process: Users will need to unload damp laundry from the washing portion and load it into the drying portion. This isn’t as convenient as machines that perform both actions with one barrel.
  • No bleach. If your cleaning process includes bleaching your linens and towels, you may need to look elsewhere, as this unit isn’t compatible.

Product Specifications

Size24 x 24 x 34 inches (61 x 61 x 86 cm) 24 x 24 x 67 inches (61 x 61 x 170 cm)
Estimated Annual Energy Cost$10
Capacity4ft³ (0.11m³)
Loading TypeFront Load
Weight300lbs (136kgs)

What to Consider When Buying Washer and Dryer Combos for Airbnb

Before you head out to your local appliance store or begin to browse for washer and dryer combos online, you’ll want to get a few things straight. Firstly, you’ll need to decide how large a washer/dryer combo you want to install on your property.

Once you’ve managed that, you’ll also need to consider how important energy efficiency is to you. After all, you’re likely going to be doing 10 times more laundry than a normal household.

You’ll also want to consider manufacturer warranties, and a few other crucial details. Generally, you’ll want to think about your future appliances:

  • Size
  • Capacity
  • Energy efficiency
  • Warranty
  • Ease of use
  • Price

If you charge out without considering these features and factors, you might end up with a washer and dryer combination that isn’t effective. What’s even worse is that it could be wholly inefficient and power-hungry.

That’s not going to improve guest relations or utility bills.


Some washer/dryer combos are tiny and compact. Others are nearly eight feet (2.4 meters) tall and quite wide. Because the size of a washer and dryer combo varies greatly, Airbnb hosts have quite a few different sizes and configurations from which to choose.

For example, machines capable of washing and drying a single load of laundry tend to be the most compact and most straightforward combo appliances. However, there are stackable washer/dryer setups that are also viable options. The best type for you depends on the space you have.

If you haven’t measured your potential laundry space, go ahead and do so. Once you have your measurements, you can use them to ensure that you choose the optimal-sized washer and dryer combo.


A washer and dryer combo’s capacity is vital. There’s nothing worse than having a same-day turnover and discovering, for the first time, that your washer and dryer are woefully undersized for all the laundry that needs to get done.

Machines that sport small capacities may be very energy-efficient and compact. However, when it comes time to launder on-site bedding or guest clothing, the situation may devolve quickly.

That’s because washer/dryer combos with small load capacities may only be able to launder a few shirts or pairs of pants at a single time. When guests need to run half a dozen laundry loads due to limited capacity, hosts may see an increase in utility usage.

The more often an appliance is used, the more quickly it is bound to break down and require repairs. Investing in a machine with an impressive capacity may be the smartest and most satisfying option.

Still, washer/dryer combos with spacious interiors aren’t the most compact appliances. They can also be inefficient, costing hosts excess amounts in electricity and water bills each month.

Energy Efficiency

Every device that requires electricity to run also costs property owners money to operate. That’s because an Airbnb property’s devices, appliances, and powered systems (such as HVAC systems or security systems) typically consume electricity from the primary city grid.

Properties that rely on natural solutions (solar power, geothermal energy, wind energy) may not incur exorbitant utility fees. Still, the majority of properties are likely to garner monthly utility bills. Appliances that consume a vast amount of energy will drive those bills skyward.

To keep costs low and profits high, property owners will need to invest in energy-efficient appliances that consume a minimal amount of power. Washer and dryer combos are some of the most consumptive devices in a home, second only to refrigerators and air conditioning systems.

Choosing one that won’t bankrupt your utility savings can be challenging. You can still successfully select an efficient model by browsing the estimated annual energy costs associated with each model.


Nothing ever lasts forever, but it sure is nice to ensure that your high-cost items stay as long as possible. A washer/dryer combo is not a cheap investment, so it’s essential to choose one that comes with a decent warranty.

Some appliances don’t come with any sort of warranty or guarantee. If possible, avoid those options. Instead, opt for models backed by trustworthy, multiple-year warranties. This way, a small flaw or failure you notice upon installation won’t cost you several hundred dollars to repair.

Ease of Use

Modern washers and dryers can perform a wide range of functions beyond filling with water, spinning about, and flushing away that water. Most such appliances are pre-programmed with several different washing and drying options.

Users could choose to wash their clothing on delicate, heavy-duty, baby, allergies, and far more. However, some washer/dryer combos come with tons of programs, while others are far more sparse.

If you’re looking to enjoy the contemporary luxury of fabric softener drawers, cycle programs, and musical alarms, you may pay slightly more. However, guests are bound to enjoy appliances that are new and easy to use.

Simpler washer and dryer combos with fewer options may be more affordable and just as easy to use. However, guests are more likely to leave positive comments regarding hi-tech appliances than they are about straightforward, no-frills machines.

However, it comes at a cost. And that cost is having to sometimes coach your guests on the operation of the machine.


As an Airbnb host, there are dozens of expenses you’ve likely got your eye on. Property taxes, utility expenses, basic amenities, and insurance are just a few of the most common host-related costs.

Consequently, you may want to choose a washer and dryer combo that is within your budget. After all, while it is nice to provide a laundry area for guests, it’s not entirely necessary. You don’t want to put yourself in a risky position while trying to upgrade your properties, so always keep an eye out for payment plans and sales.

It’s also worth noting that the cost of these machines can be tax deductible, as it is essential in the operation of your business.

Final Thoughts

Almost any Airbnb property could benefit from having a convenient washer and dryer combo on-site. However, choosing the best one can get a little complicated when you start considering size, price, energy efficiency, and washing capacity.

This guide can help you navigate the buying process while ensuring that you choose the best model for your property, preferences, and guests. In our opinion, the Equator Merlot was the best overall washer and dryer combo. Which one caught your eye?

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