5 Best TVs for Airbnb Hosting (2021 Review)

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Updated: December 8, 2020

Author: Benjamin Harty

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Choosing the best TVs for your Airbnb property can be a challenge. There are thousands of different TVs from which to choose, and they come in a wide variety of sizes, types, resolutions, and price points. Picking the best ones can be a time-consuming affair, but it doesn’t have to be.

The best TVs for Airbnb hosting are LED or OLED. They have 4K resolution, competitive warranties, and are energy efficient. They should also be within most host’s budget. Our top pick is the Sony 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV, as it’s a high-quality option that satisfies the above criteria.

This article will explore the things that hosts will need to consider before buying TVs for their property. We’ll also discuss our top picks for the best TVs for Airbnb hosting. You can use this information to pick the highest-quality and most affordable televisions for your property.

What to Consider When Buying TVs for Airbnb Hosting

Before you start shopping for the best TVs, you’ll want to take a moment to consider what you’re looking for in a new television. You’ll also need to decide how many TVs you need for your Airbnb property and give consideration to what guests have come to expect.

As such, you’ll need to think about:

  • Quantity
  • Type
  • Resolution
  • Size
  • Price
  • Compatibility
  • Energy Efficiency

Though the average television is relatively affordable, quite a few newer, more advanced models can easily fetch more than a thousand dollars. If you’re looking to outfit your property with several televisions, you may want to invest in smaller sets with fewer features. 

However, if you’re hoping to install one large, sumptuous television with full device compatibility, you might have already made your peace with making a hefty investment. In this case, a long-lasting and comprehensive warranty is likely to be your new best friend.

When it comes to competition on Airbnb, you as a host will want to blow away your guests by providing an experience they can’t find anywhere else, both when it comes to sleeping as well as entertainment.

To help guide you through this pre-browsing process, we’ve broken down each crucial feature into an individual section. Hopefully, you’ll be able to use this information to make a smart decision about how many TVs to purchase for your property, what types of TVs you want to own, and how much money you’re willing to spend on these electronics.


If you’re starting with a blank canvas, you’ll likely rack up quite a few expenses while outfitting and decorating your Airbnb property. Having a television in each room may not be your top priority, though you should budget for at least one high-quality TV and build an experience around it.

Alternatively, if your current Airbnb property is already ready for guests but is a little outdated, you may want to swap out all existing sets for modernized versions. Before you begin your search for the perfect TVs, you’ll need to decide how many you’re looking for.

This decision will not only help you determine a workable budget for this project, but it can also help you choose a TV type and resolution. After all, the newer the style and the higher the resolution, the more expensive the TV.  


Television sets have come a long way over the last thirty years or so. It seems like every year there’s a new type of TV on the market, and this trend can make it challenging to choose the best possible television. 

Still, the most common types of TVs that you’ll find in stores today include:

  • LCD
  • LED
  • OLED

LCD televisions tend to consume more electricity than LED and OLED options. They also tend to reach higher temperatures during usage. LED and OLED TVs are brighter, lighter, and more energy-efficient. For these reasons, the average consumer is likely to choose an LED or OLED option.

But what’s the difference between LED and OLED?

Well, put simply, OLED is a type of illumination and coloring that’s only available with 4K UHD televisions. Consequently, OLED is considered to be a technological upgrade on the previous LED design. 

Still, some LED TVs produce better images than OLEDs. As technology improves, this trend will likely change. There’s also QLED TVs, but we may end up touching on that nifty new type later on. 

For now, let’s go ahead and move forward to the various types of image resolution.


The typical television can come in several different resolution levels. Resolution refers to the number of lit pixels that form the pictures on your television screen. More pixels equals a more precise image. 

This is why the original plumber named Mario is relatively small and square. The modern version is far smoother and more detailed, but this is only because his character developed more pixels over time. And this increase in pixels was the direct result of improvements in technology, including television. 

The most common TV resolutions include:

  • HD 720p
  • HD 1080p
  • 4K UHD
  • 8K UHD

Though some consumers may still be getting accustomed to HD options, Ultra HD (UHD) is the new king of resolution. As such, guests may not feel very impressed by HD options like 720p and 1080p. Instead, they may expect to find 4K UHD televisions in their lodgings.

Remember, the experience you offer can be the deciding factor in winning even one extra booking per month and your entertainment center is a contender.


Generally speaking, people enjoy larger TVs. Smaller sets can be difficult to read and view when sitting far from the screen. Massive 85-inch or larger TVs might be challenging to hang or install, but they’re also a convenient option for large living areas and spaces.

Plus they are harder to steal.

Televisions in bedrooms and offices may get away with being much smaller. The standard size for these types of TVs ranges from 32 inches to 55 inches. You could also choose to install a compact TV in your property’s kitchen or bathrooms. Small sets can be as large as 24 inches, though they’re often far smaller.

The best-sized TV for your needs depends on where you plan on placing the set. Because larger televisions are typically pricier than smaller ones, the number of TVs you plan to buy may also influence your sizing choices


The average modern TV costs about $600. The price fluctuates depending on the preferred TV screen size, type, resolution, and features in many cases. The larger, more advanced, and higher-resolution sets are often the most expensive ones. 

If you’re trying to purchase multiple TVs for your property’s many rooms, you may want to opt for budget picks in each room. However, if you’re only installing one television, you could invest in a massive, tech-rich TV that’s bound to last for years and turn some heads. 

Still, the least amount of money you could expect to spend is about $100. The priciest options might cost upwards of $1,500.


Our electronic devices are no longer forced to exist in a world all their own. Smartphones can now interact with smart TVs, and smart appliances could interact via Bluetooth technology.

Many of your future guests will likely expect the provided electronics to feature improved compatibility, and some of the most important Apps guests expect to find are Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Youtube.

If your property’s televisions cannot sync to smartphones, it may be time to replace them. If your current TVs lack USB or HDMI inputs, you’re well overdue for some new sets.

One cost effective way to turn any TV with an HDMI input into a more modern, smart tv is to install the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Energy Efficiency

The average TV generates anywhere between $2 and $100 electricity costs per year. Property owners hoping to keep their utility bills low will naturally choose appliances that use little electricity.

If you’re running an Airbnb business with multiple properties, these savings can add up to thousands of dollars per year. 

With this certification, television models consume less electricity than comparable models, ensuring that Airbnb hosts pay the least amount of money possible toward their electricity bills. Many energy-efficient televisions are just as capable and feature-rich as their electricity-hungry counterparts.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Sony 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

When you’re ready to upgrade to the best, you won’t want to miss out on options like the Sony 65-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart TV. Though it may be out of some price ranges, it’s a high-quality television with a wickedly fast processor and an easy-to-use interface.

Notably, Sony allows users to opt-out of privacy-sharing and data-sharing policies, a massive boon for those attempting to keep their digital security tight. And compared to similarly-sized TVs, this model produces excellent sound, even without added speakers. 

Overall, it’s a well-equipped smart TV with plenty to offer. However, the short power cable and the limited one-year warranty could be improved.

Bottom Line: A superior-quality television for a competitive price. Large enough for living rooms and small enough for bedrooms, this option is bound to please even the pickiest guests.


  • Incredible sound. While you could improve upon this set’s built-in speakers, this TV’s sound quality is far better than comparable models.
  • Improved privacy options. Smart TVs have generated controversy due to data sharing issues, but Sony lets consumers opt-out of sharing their data. If you’re concerned about protecting your digital privacy, this may appeal to you.
  • Zero lag. Some smart TVs take forever to load menu screens or process simple remote commands. This television is lightning-fast, making operation both quick and satisfying.
  • Easy to use. The majority of modern televisions feature some type of operating system or menu system. Many of these can be confusing and overly complicated. The menus and user interface presented here is sublimely easy to use.


  • May be too expensive. At more than $500, this model is more costly than the average TV. 
  • Short power cord. Some users have complained that the power supply cord is far too short for this TV’s size. You may need to purchase an extension cord before installation.
  • Limited One-Year Warranty. Let’s face it, in our throw-away society and at the price of these TVs, it would be nice if the manufacturer supported it for longer than 1-year.

Product Specifications

Size57.63in x 13.50in x 35.38in (65-Inch)
Weight49.81 pounds
Resolution4K UHD
Energy Consumption190 kWh Annual Estimate

Best Value: Insignia 32-inch Smart HD TV

Sometimes you just don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on televisions for your Airbnb property, and that’s fine. You don’t have to put yourself into massive amounts of debt trying to outfit your property with the newest tech. 

But you should at least have one smart tv available, and if your budget is the bottom line, then the Insignia 32-inch Smart HD TV could be the right pick for you. It’s exceptionally affordable, and while it may not produce 4K UHD images, it is an upgrade on older LCD models. 

It’s also a special Amazon release that comes with Fire TV built-in. Even better, this slightly-compact TV only consumes about $7 in electricity per year. That’s less than the price of an entrée at a restaurant or fast-casual eatery. 

Still, some guests may complain about the smaller screen size and fewer pixels.

Bottom Line: It’s almost impossible to beat the value for the price here. LED smart TVs don’t get much more affordable or high-quality.


  • Unbelievably affordable. Smart TVs have been around for quite a few years now, but that doesn’t mean they’re cheap. That said, this is an affordable entry-level smart TV that comes with all your favorite apps.
  • Comes with Fire TV. Speaking of your favorite apps, this Insignia model comes with Amazon’s Fire TV pre-installed. This alteration grants you access to Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, and much more. 
  • Doesn’t use a ton of electricity. Part of the charm of purchasing a smaller set is spending less money on powering it. 


  • Only produces HD 720p images. The majority of the public is accustomed to HD 1080p and higher television images, but this one has fewer pixels to work with. Some guests may not appreciate the slightly grainier look.
  • The smaller screen size might not fit large spaces. Though you might be able to install this television in a small bedroom, kitchen, or living space, it’s not going to be an excellent fit for spacious living rooms that fits several people.

Product Specifications

Size8.15in x 28.86in x 19.02in (32-Inch)
Weight11.20 pounds
ResolutionHD 720p
Energy Consumption58 kWh Annual Estimate

Best for Energy Efficiency: Samsung 50-inch 4K UHD QLED Smart TV

If reducing energy usage is one of your top priorities, you’ll need to choose appliances that consume low amounts of electricity. One of the impressive features of this Samsung TV is that it consumes about 34% less energy than comparably-sized LED smart TVs. 

But energy savings isn’t the only attractive feature of this model. Though it’s a whopping 50-inch, it only weighs about 38 pounds. You could mount it to a wall to save space or display it on the included stand. As such, this television is incredibly adaptable. 

To make matters even sweeter, this a QLED television. QLED is a quantum-dot type of technology capable of expressing a wide array of deep and vivid colors. Watching television, movies, or anything else on this device is bound to leave you speechless.

Bottom Line: Though this is a low-energy TV, it offers many of the same features as pricier, more energy-hungry devices. It’s also an affordable QLED TV, which is rare.


  • Amazing QLED technology. The idea of mixing quantum mechanics and theories with television tech is one that continues to blow my mind. If you haven’t checked out QLED TVs in person yet, you may want to choose a day to do so. Their colors are unbelievably vibrant.
  • Low energy consumption. Even though this TV is a QLED option, it only consumes an average of 105 kWh per year. That’s far less than comparably-sized smart TVs.
  • Lightweight construction. At less than 40 pounds, you may be able to mount this set on a wall safely. This can free-up floor space for other items.
  • Reasonably priced. Some QLED TVs cost thousands of dollars, but this one is about the average price for a TV, and it’s also the most common size. It’s not quite a sweet deal, but it’s not a price-gouging scam either.


  • Tech is still new. Though QLED technology can create a gorgeous picture, it’s still a relatively new consumer technology. As such, some of the kinks are always being worked out. Some buyers have expressed concern about declining picture quality over time.
  • Frustrating user interface. Connecting this device to WiFi can be tiresome, frustrating, and ultimately defeating. This challenge may defeat the purpose of smart applications.
  • Limited apps. Speaking of smart applications, some Samsung loyalists have noted that this model doesn’t offer as many built-in apps as previous models. This change is a disappointing decision on the part of Samsung.

Product Specifications

Size2.3in x 44in x 25.3in
Weight37.9 pounds
Resolution4K UHD
Energy Consumption105 kWh

Best Compact TV: LG 22-Inch 1080p IPS LED TV

Let’s face it—Not all Airbnb properties are expansive palaces and estates in the countryside, or roomy studios in the city. Some are simple, slightly cramped spaces that happen to be uninhabited, clean, and near to something a guest might be interested in. 

Airbnb hosts with tiny living quarters on offer may be shying away from the larger, more space-consuming TVs. But smaller sets are notoriously difficult to find nowadays. 

But you can have the compact TV of your dreams when you invest in this 22-inch LG LED TV. It’s only about 7 pounds, which means you could place it on a stand, mount it against the wall, or twirl it around your finger.

It’s not a smart tv, which may be its biggest failing. But you can install an Amazon Fire TV stick to turn it into one.

Bottom Line: When you need a compact TV, it’s crucial to choose a lightweight, short, and easy-to-install set. This TV checks all of those boxes. 


  • Barely one foot tall. Whether you plan on installing this TV on a wall mount or nestling it onto some furniture, it’s going to take up a minimal amount of space. This is crucial for Airbnb rentals that are relatively small or cramped. 
  • Amazingly lightweight. This TV barely weighs 7 pounds. This would have been a virtual miracle of technology a few decades ago, making this LED option an excellent mountable model.
  • Surprisingly low electricity usage. Owners can expect to spend about $4 per year on powering this small set. That’s about the price of a single gallon of milk.
  • Competitive resolution. Typically, compact or low-energy televisions have lackluster image quality. This one holds its own with an HD 1080p resolution.


  • No smart TV capabilities. Guests may feel disappointed when they realize that their tiny TV can’t connect to the internet, Hulu, or Netflix – and will likely leave a review accordingly.
  • One HDMI input. Not only does this set lack a standard set of apps and WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity, but it only has one HDMI input. This is genuinely a single-user TV.

Product Specifications

Size20in x 5.8in x 14.1in (22-Inch)
Weight6.6 pounds
ResolutionHD 1080p
Energy Consumption34 kWh

Best Large TV: Samsung Flat 82-Inch 4K 8 Series UHD Smart TV

If there is just one TV for your Airbnb experience to rule them all, Samsung’s 82-inch 8 Series UHD Smart TV has just about everything the average consumer is looking for from a TV. It comes with apps, WiFi connectivity, superior resolution, and it’s massive.

This television would make an excellent living area device, as it’s large enough for several people to watch at once. However, you may need to purchase a new TV stand when you invest in this option, as it weighs-in at more than 100 pounds.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking to impress guests with a massive high-quality 4K UHD TV, you could do a lot worse than this model. It offers everything that contemporary guests expect, and you can build a very nice entertainment center around it.


  • Massive size. The average TV sports a screen that is between 42 and 50 inches long when measured diagonally. This is an 82-inch behemoth that outdoes those other models.
  • Superior picture quality. Some of the earlier 4K TVs suffered from the fact that 4K tech was new. This one contains an upgraded 4K UHD processor, allowing for a more impressive picture that shines with clarity.
  • Plenty of HDMI ports. The average LED TV has two HDMI ports, but this one has no less than four HDMI ports. That’s a lot of connectivity.
  • Extraordinarily thin. Some of the heftier televisions are a bit chunky. Not this one. It’s less than three inches wide, not including the base.


  • Not the most energy-efficient option. This TV consumes more electricity than any of the other options included in this article. Still, with average usage, the annual bill associated with this TV is about $26. That’s not too bad though, considering you will likely receive thousands of dollars per year in extra bookings.
  • Pricey. Though this television’s resolution and size are alluring, its price isn’t. This is one of the most expensive non-8K options.
  • You’ll need a strong TV stand. Some of the TVs that we chose weigh-in at less than 12 pounds. This one weighs more than 100 pounds. That might be too heavy for some of the lighter TV cabinets and stands, and it may be too much weight for a wall mount unless you don’t mind your Airbnb property tipping over.

Product Specifications

Size72.4in x 15.1in x 43.9in (82-Inch)
Weight105.8 pounds
Resolution4K UHD
Energy Consumption215 kWh

Final Thoughts

There are tons of options for TVs, but the best ones for Airbnb hosting tend to be LED or OLED and have 4K UHD resolution. They’re also smart, compatible with multiple devices, and covered by attractive warranties and protection plans. 

Ideally, your property’s TVs will also be energy-efficient, saving you money on utilities. While we chose the Sony 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV as our overall favorite, you may favor the most compact or the largest. 

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