25 Airbnb Hashtags for Marketing Your Property

It’s hard to find Airbnb hashtags that are relevant for marketing your property. There are a lot of Airbnb hashtags out there, but not all of them will work well for you and your business. Hashtags are a critical element…

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It’s hard to find Airbnb hashtags that are relevant for marketing your property. There are a lot of Airbnb hashtags out there, but not all of them will work well for you and your business.

Hashtags are a critical element of an Airbnb Instagram marketing strategy.

But while most marketers understand their importance, choosing the word/phrases to use as hashtags can confuse some. If you’re not getting as much attention as you’d like, chances are you’re struggling with that, too, so this is a post you don’t want to skim through.

The best hashtags for getting your property noticed are; #Airbnb, #Airbnbhost, #Airbnbexperience, #Airbnbsuperhost, #Airbnbphoto, #Airbnblife, #Airbnbhomes, among others. Daily hashtags include #motivationmonday, #traveltuesday, #wisdomwednesday, #TBT, #TGIF, #selfiesaturday, and #sundayvibes.

Read on to discover up to 25 hashtags you can use to get your property noticed and tips on using each tag category. 

What Are Some Great Generic Airbnb Hashtags?

Generic hashtags are those that relate to your industry or niche. They’re not necessarily hashtags you’ll use daily, and neither are they location-specific.

Generic Airbnb hashtags are usually categorized by popularity, such as:

  • Popular
  • Moderately popular
  • Unpopular hashtags

But because today’s post is about tags that’ll help your property get the recognition it deserves, it would be pointless to look into unpopular hashtags.  

That said, I’ll review popular and moderately popular generic Airbnb hashtags that you can use to get your property noticed on social media in the next section.

One of the easiest ways to find the most popular hashtags in any niche is to enter # followed by the primary descriptive term into the search bar. Don’t hit enter, however. Instead, check the drop-down menu for other associated hashtags. 

Under each hashtag, you’ll notice a number indicating the number of posts with that particular tag. I did that on Instagram to discover the five most popular hashtags in the Airbnb niche I’m about to list below, but it also works on other platforms such as Twitter.

Here are the five most popular Hashtags in the Airbnb space with the number of posts indicated in brackets:

  1. #Airbnb (6,304,567 posts)
  2. #Airbnbhost (655,639 posts)
  3. #Airbnbexperience (602,893 posts)
  4. #Airbnbsuperhost (536,172 posts)
  5. #Airbnbphoto (294,420 posts)

At face value, it might seem like a no-brainer to quickly work the above hashtags into your posts. After all, they’re popular, and you want popularity, right?

Not necessarily.

Whether popular hashtags suit your business depends on the size of your following because the number of comments and likes you get per post dictates how your posts rank for a particular tag. 

Typically, the most popular hashtags have a lot of competition. So if you use one of these when you have a relatively small following, your post may rank for the tag for only after a few seconds because it’ll almost instantly be buried under a bunch of other posts with the same tag. 

This means that very few people will actually see your post, and all the time (and possibly money) you put into creating a quality post will go to waste.

On the other hand, Airbnb marketers with a larger, more engaged following may reap great benefits from popular hashtags. 

So how do you know if you fall into this category? Simple, check the average number of likes and comments you get per post. If you consistently get 2,000 plus likes or comments, then you may use popular tags.

Otherwise, use moderately popular Airbnb hashtags until you get there.

Moderately popular Airbnb hashtags are ideal for marketers who consistently get 500 to 2,000 likes and comments with each post. You’ll want to use these when you want to boost your reach and engagement as a way to position your business to compete favorably for the popular tags. 

Using the same method described above, I discovered the following moderately popular hashtags in the Airbnb space with the number of posts per hashtag indicated in brackets:

  1. #Airbnblife (230,147 posts)
  2. #Airbnbhomes (229,722 posts)
  3. #Airbnblove (169,741 posts)
  4. #Airbnbexperiences (168,550 posts)
  5. #Airbnbhosts (48,586 posts)

I want to bring a crucial observation to your attention here. Notice how much the number of posts changes when words change from plural to singular?

In the popular hashtags section above, #Airbnbexperience has 602,893 posts, way more than the 168,550 with the hashtag #Airbnbexperiences. Similarly, the hashtag #Airbnbhost has 655,639 posts, whereas #Airbnbhosts has 48,586 posts.

As you can see, changing from singular to plural and vice versa makes so much difference in the amount of competition you face with the hashtag. 

So when choosing your hashtags, be careful when choosing which words you have in plural or singular because a mixup can have you competing in a level you’re not equipped (i.e., number of likes and comments per post) to handle. 

Daily Hashtags

One of the best ways to market your Airbnb on Instagram is to get your guests to do it for you. These hashtags are crucial for marketers who post every day, and you should encourage your guests to take images at your property and use these hashtags for posting on Instagram.

Choosing the type to use doesn’t depend on the number of posts per hashtag. Instead, appropriate daily hashtags are determined by the day of the week, as shown below:

  1. #MotivationMonday. For most people, Monday is the most hectic day of the week. If you can work up a good motivational post for this day, you’ll want to throw in that hashtag, potentially alongside other hashtags.
  2. #TravelTuesday. This can be a great hashtag for posts meant to nudge people to their more adventurous side. Encouraging people to travel is one of the best ways to approach Airbnb marketing because when people travel more, your bookings increase.
  3. #WisdomWednesday. Quotes and “fun facts” posts can be great for midweek, especially when coupled with great visuals. If you’re posting such posts, this hashtag can help get your message across more effectively. 
  4. #ThrowbackThursday or #tbt. Tbt is the more commonly used of these two hashtags and can be an excellent tag for posts highlighting interesting past events or facts about your business.  
  5. #FridayFunday or #TGIF. Again, the abbreviation is the more popular hashtag for Fridays, and you can use it to inspire fun and relaxation. Using #TGIF can also help add a personal touch to your branding and make your business more approachable.
  6. #SelfieSaturday. Social media users love selfies. Uploading these can be a great way to humanize your brand while also highlighting some of the breathtaking views from the Airbnb units you’re marketing.
  7.  #Sundayvibes. Sundays are all about laid-back fun for most people, especially the older generation. If you have posts showcasing laid-back surroundings, you’ll want to add this hashtag to conform to the theme of Sundays.

Location Hashtags

Location hashtags are a great way to get in front of travelers who are looking for their next vacation spot. They can also be great additions to posts designed for people who live in a specific area.

Notice that I said “additions” because you don’t want to be using up all your tag slots on location tags. 

As an FYI, Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per post. However, a HubSpot report found that the average Instagram post has 10 to 11 hashtags, and half of the posts have less than six hashtags. This means that most marketers know that more isn’t necessarily better when it comes to hashtags.

With that said, let’s look at some of the most popular Airbnb location hashtags on Instagram:

  1. #Airbnbbrasil (136,996 posts)
  2. #Airbnbitaly (97,946 posts)
  3. #Airbnbaustralia (44,873 posts)
  4. #Airbnbjapan (40,258 posts)
  5. #Airbnbfrance (30,028 posts)
  6. #Airbnbmexico (23,987 posts)
  7. #Airbnbindia (21,684 posts)
  8. #Airbnbuk (19,751 posts)

Of course, some of these hashtags may not apply to your Airbnb marketing strategy. But if any of these make sense for your business, be sure to include them in your posts alongside appropriate generic and daily hashtags.

Run a search to see which locations in your area have hashtags, and use those.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you’ll find appropriate hashtags for your business from the above categories and give your property the recognition it deserves. If you do, remember to consider the popularity of hashtags because it indicates the level of competition you’ll face to rank for a given tag. 

Also, don’t forget to combine different categories of hashtags whenever possible to give your posts the best chance of ranking for multiple search phrases. Lastly, mind the number of tags you add to a post because more isn’t necessarily better for hashtags.

For more tips and tricks on marketing your Airbnb property, check out our in-depth article on marketing your property on Instagram.


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