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Airbnb Welcome Book Template - Classic Circles

By Skyline STR

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Quickly and easily create a professional looking Welcome Book for your short term rental that gives guests a branded experience and helps drive more 5-star reviews.
  • Over (35) Thirty-five uniquely-designed pages in Landscape (Photobook) format
  • Bonus printable for collecting individual feedback from guests
  • Over 70 custom, contextual infographic amenity icons for a polished look
  • Optimized for Physical Printing on Canva
  • Fully customizable to fit your needs (colors, fonts, pictures, etc.)
  • Lifetime access – no need to purchase for your other properties
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Professional Welcome Book In Minutes

Difficulty: Easy! All it takes is a few clicks to swap out your images and text.

Software Required: None! This template is edited within a Free Canva Account.

How It Works: Simply swap out the relevant photos with your own and replace the text and colors – you’ll be ready to print or upload to your guests in no time.

Give Your Guests A 5-Star Experience

Make your short term rental stand out and give your guests the best experience possible with a Welcome Book that covers everything they need to know about staying (and playing) at your location. Topics covered are:

  • House Rules
  • Wifi
  • Host Info
  • Property Info
  • City Info
  • Emergency Contact
  • Things To Do
  • Restaurants
  • And more!

Created By Fellow Airbnb Hosts

Before we became professional Airbnb photographers, we started out as short term rental hosts and had our fair share of guests - so we are familiar with many of the issues and questions guests have when staying at a new location.

We've created this Welcome Book to not only make our own lives easier, but also to attract more 5-star reviews and repeat bookings.

What's Inside

Take a closer look! We've included useful sample text in our template instead of the standard "Lorem Ipsum" filler, so you can get a better idea of how to put together your own.


BONUS #1: Feedback Printable ($9.95 Value)

Maintaining 5-star reviews can be difficult on platforms like Airbnb, and they are an essential part of your success. Collect feedback from your guests privately, so you know which areas you can improve. It may very well be that negative reviews get vented here, and not on your public profile!

This template comes in two versions: Portrait and Landscape. Print it out and leave within your rental, or include it as a page within your Welcome Book.

BONUS #2: Amenity Icons Pack ($9.95 Value)

We have designed over 70 contextual power icons from scratch to help illustrate the types of amenities you provide in your short term rental. If you're looking for that professional polish, here's one way to get it.

These standalone vector based icons come in SVG format and can also be used separately in your other graphic design projects: brochures, infographics, etc.

Who This Is For

This Welcome Book Template is for anyone who wants to reduce the time it takes to create visuals but still needs memorable promotional content for their short term rental, and lacks the time or design know-how to make it happen.

Thise template was made for the busy entrepreneur in mind who wants to provide a branded experience that communicates information at a glance in an effective way.

We crafted this especially for:

  • Airbnb/Short Term Rental Hosts
  • Real Estate Agents/Landlords
  • Hospitality Managers/Marketers

Why We Made Them

Let us be vulnerable for a moment: when we first started out as Airbnb hosts, we flopped…HARD. We won’t get into too many details, but one of the biggest things we got wrong was not having strong visuals.

Not only was our property stocked with cheap furniture, our pictures were horrible and our listing didn’t inspire confidence. After struggling into the slow season with a -$10,000 loss, we were able to turn things around (we go into how we did that here).

This template is what we wished we had when we first started, and it’s something that other hosts pay a lot of money to have created from scratch.

Knowing what we know now, we would have created strong visuals and branding much earlier. Not only does providing a Welcome Book help you to do that, it also helps to reduce issues/headaches with your guests since everything they need to know is spelled out for them!

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  • How do I access the materials?

    After your purchase, you will be sent a PDF that has instructions for accessing the template on Canva with a Free Account.

  • How long will I have access to this template?

    You will have lifetime access and do not need to purchase again for future projects.

  • What's included with my purchase?

    When you purchase this template, you will have access to the Airbnb Welcome Book Template – Classic Circles, as well as additional bonuses. These bonuses include: Feedback Printable and Amenity Icons Pack.

  • What can be edited?

    This template is designed to be easy to edit so you can tailor it to your branding. Most common items to edit are:

    – Text (content, format, size, color, style)
    – Photos (upload your own)
    – Background elements
    – Accent colors
    – Add or delete pages

  • Are there any restrictions?

    This template is for your personal use and cannot be resold or used commercially. File sharing and distribution is strictly prohibited.

  • Do I need to use all of the pages?

    Absolutely not! You can freely add or remove pages as you see fit. However, Canva requires that you have a minimum of 24 total pages in order to print a physical copy – so we’ve made sure to include extra pages that you can use as fillers.

  • How can I print this out?

    After you finish editing this template to your liking, you can save the template as PDF and print it out using your home printer.

    For a professionally printed Welcome Book, we have also designed it to be printed as a Photobook directly from Canva. Additionally, you can use Vistaprint or visit your local printing and binding store.