5 Must-Read Books for Airbnb Arbitrage Success

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Updated: September 4, 2021

Author: Benjamin Harty

Hi, I'm Benjamin, Digital Media Strategist for Skyline STR. I have been involved in content creation for over a decade and love helping people develop strategies to grow their business. My wife and I are AirBnB photographers that are experienced in rental arbitrage and hosting on the platform.

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If you’re currently an entrepreneur looking for ways to make money in the vacation rental business but don’t want to spend money on purchasing multiple properties to list, Airbnb arbitrage might be right up your alley. Airbnb arbitrage is an entrepreneurial program involving renting multiple properties through Airbnb to generate income from the platform users. 

It’s a useful strategy that can help you get into real estate investing without having to own your own property. Considering that this style of investment is relatively new, there isn’t much info about rental arbitrage out there and it can be difficult to know which books will help you the most. However, we have found that these five books are some of the best resources on Airbnb rental arbitrage you can find.

Here are 5 must-read books for Airbnb arbitrage success:

  1. The Entrepreneurial Airbnb Hosting Guide
  2. Airbnb: How To Make a Six-Figure Income WITHOUT Owning Any Property
  3. Real Estate Investing Through Airbnb Rental Arbitrage
  4. The Airbnb Boom & Market Hacker
  5. Airbnb Secrets

If you decide to use rental arbitrage on Airbnb as your real estate investment strategy, then it’s possible to make some serious cash depending on the market, your rent cost, and the price that you charge your guests per day. But always do your due diligence before committing to an investment. Here is an essential list of the 5 books from Amazon.com that you should read to be successful in Airbnb arbitrage.

1. The Entrepreneurial Airbnb Hosting Guide

You need to understand how Airbnb works in-depth before you become successful at renting out your Airbnb. The purpose of this book is to share his experiences as a serial entrepreneur and how they’ve led him to success.

While you’re undoubtedly trying to expand your business beyond renting your personal home, hosting is the primary source of success in Airbnb arbitrage. Once you go through this hosting guide, you’ll know how to buy, rent, and sell multiple properties without sacrificing hospitality.

Having worked in the financial sector for ten years, he had had enough of the corporate environment and bureaucracy and decided to leave the industry. Rick later chose to become an entrepreneur and began working in the hospitality industry and e-commerce sector. 

In addition to his experience running two multimillion-dollar corporations during his career, he is also widely regarded as an expert in the growth and maintenance of companies. Rick’s advice here about Airbnb arbitrage can be an invaluable resource for anyone considering the idea of doing so.

You’ll mostly learn the following tips:

  • How to decorate your house and provide the best amenities
  • Tips to expand your market reach and start finding new Airbnb places to arbitrage
  • Guest safety suggestions (which are often overlooked, especially in massive, far-reaching Airbnb arbitrage plans)
  • Creating a prospective customer base, so you know what to look for and who to plan for.

2. How To Make a Six-Figure Income WITHOUT Owning Any Property

Think about the bold statement Andrew Smith makes in this informative and well-written book on Airbnb arbitrage success: “Airbnb has more room to grow than Uber.” If you agree with Andrew, this book should go in your cart straight away. There’s also an audiobook version that you can listen to through your Kindle.

This course focuses on the principles that must be considered to enter the world of Airbnb arbitrage successfully, why five-star ratings and high occupancy rates might not always be the most profitable, how to determine the correct audience for your Airbnb property, and then how to market it accordingly, and much more. 

The book itself is both detailed and passionately written with a lot of good advice. Our first impression of Andrew’s book is that it’s very well written, and we enjoyed reading it. This is a great read that we think you’ll enjoy!

The author shows in great detail how important travel will be for the foreseeable future. Airbnb locations offer much more hospitality than traditional hotels and motels, so why not create a business around it? Rather than owning countless locations, Andrew Smith shows you how to master the art of Airbnb arbitrage to create a full-time income.

3. Real Estate Investing Through Airbnb Rental Arbitrage

There’s a good chance that you’ve read a book by Phil C. Senior if you’re interested in investing, finance, or any form of entrepreneurship. In addition to his books in the industry, such as The Complete Minimalism Beginner Guide and Income Through Tax Liens and Deeds, he’s the author of many more regarding achieving a sustainable passive income while reducing risks.

Phil C. Senior explains in this enlightening work the history behind the arbitrage process and why it has been so successful for Airbnb and describes their unique, ingenious Airbnb arbitrage strategy, which the author hasn’t discussed before. 

This book covers all the information you could possibly need to succeed with Airbnb arbitrage, and it’s one you should check out if you’re looking to make money with Airbnb!

The author immediately dives into how important it is to automate the marketplace, giving you more time to find additional properties and enjoy the fruits of your labor. This book also shows you how to find locations all around the United States and tips to expand your outreach beyond the country.

4. The Airbnb Boom & Market Hacker

There’s no doubt that this book was a massive hit with us! The author of this concise guide, Baxter Simon, an up-and-coming author, has written a thoughtful and thorough analysis of Airbnb arbitrage success which you can find here.

Several steps can be taken to reduce the risk of Airbnb arbitrage as well as how to maximize the chances of getting a high return. In this comprehensive resource, you’ll learn what steps to take in order to reduce the risks.

In our opinion, the best aspect of this book was how Baxter explained the process in such a simple way and the way he got success doing this very thing.

This book stands apart from others I’ve listed because it gives a remarkably positive message throughout, one that makes it stand apart from others more focused on providing information to their readers.

Airbnb is constantly evolving, but this book keeps you ahead of the curve with these helpful details:

  • Photography, marketing, and social media outreach
  • Dry runs, cleaning, and dealing with unsatisfied guests
  • Your role as a host or employer of hosts
  • Tips to save the most money while providing the best experiences
  • How to handle unexpected situations, such as property damage, safety concerns, and more
  • Creating the ultimate automated Airbnb arbitrage team with a cleaning team, hosts, repairmen, and so on

5. Airbnb Secrets 

Despite its short size, usability, and simple style within this comprehensive guide, this compact, detailed book made it onto our list since it provides good information and is very easy to read. Gabriel Haro goes through their top twenty-eight tips on automating an Airbnb arbitrage business and growing it.

In fact, it’s an impressive little stash of knowledge that I really can’t keep to myself! Although the book was just published in January 2021, it’s worth reading. This beginner-friendly guide details everything you need to know about dealing with Airbnb arbitrage. Here’s a list of some crucial bits of info you’ll learn along the way:

  • How to find the ideal Airbnb listing to rent, buy, or sell
  • Tips to hire virtual assistants to outsource and expedite the process
  • Cleaning suggestions, how much you should invest in supplies, and more
  • Listing details, marketing strategies, and potential discounts

This handy book makes it easy for anyone to start their Airbnb arbitrage business in a matter of weeks. After reading it, you’ll feel confident enough to take the challenge head-on and start outlining a strategy for success.

Note: It also includes information about listing your Airbnb’s during pandemics, cold season, and so on. You’ll enjoy tips that include how many hand sanitizer stations, wipes, and cleaning sessions you’ll go through.

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