Best Color Sheets for Airbnb: The Results Are in!

White vs Navy vs Light Gray. What are the best color sheets for Airbnb? Turns out, it’s more nuanced than you think!

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Ask any experienced Airbnb host, and they’ll tell you that color plays a crucial role in creating the perfect space for guests. While white sheets are often favored for their simplicity and versatility, there are other color sheets that can offer certain benefits when it comes to hosting guests.

When we were getting our first rental property ready, we made a “hail marry” trip to Costco to purchase all of our bedding materials. But when we got there, we were faced with a dizzying array of color options – white, navy, light gray, and so many more.

At first, we thought that white sheets would be the best option for our Airbnb. After all, they’re classic and timeless, and they work well in any color scheme or design style.

But then we realized that white color sheets are the most common choice for Airbnb hosts, which means that it would be more difficult to make our listing more unique and stand out.

Turns out, there are reasons for this.

(Such as marketing yourself as a Master Superhost).

The bottom line is that white sheets are the “gold standard” best color sheets for Airbnb due to a variety of reasons. First of all, they’re easy to keep bright, clean and sanitized via bleaching. They also offer versatility, since white color sheets can be paired with virtually any color scheme or design aesthetic.

We conducted a survey with our audience, and many Airbnb hosts chimed in as well. However, the results were surprising.

Best color sheets for airbnb survey results

Even though the very top choice in best color sheets for Airbnb was white, Navy was second and light gray was third. Even more surprising are the reasons why these color sheets were chosen.

Other Color Sheets For Airbnb

Many Airbnb hosts chose navy color sheets because they’re seen as classy, elegant, and sophisticated. Others chose light gray color sheets because they’re neutral and can help set a calm or soothing mood in the space. All of them noted how they disliked regular bleaching and that colored sheets hid stains much better.

Color theorists will tell you that white color sheets help to inspire confidence in your guests that your linens are clean and crisp, but even in our own experience we found that guests did not care that our sheets were light gray.

However, darker color sheets do have a stigma of being dirty and unkempt, even if they are well kept and laundered.

One major consideration when choosing color sheets for your Airbnb is discoloration and fading. If you choose color sheets that aren’t colorfast, they may start to fade over time or even bleed color onto your other linens and towels.

There is a reason why hotels typically use white color sheets. They’re classic, timeless, and are perfect for any color scheme or design aesthetic. Plus they are very easy to bleach for stains, color and sanitation at scale.

Even if you don’t have a dozen short term rental properties to care for at any given time, guests will inevitably leave stains on your linens. And bleaching can be added to your workflow to get rid of them quickly, whereas color sheets have other considerations.

So when you decide which color is best for your Airbnb, the next question might be which type of sheets to get? From bamboo sheets to percale sheets and microfiber sheets, the choices can seem endless.

For that, we’ve written a separate article about the best sheets for Airbnb, and how to choose the right ones for your needs.

What about you? What color sheets did you choose for your Airbnb, and why? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

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